Saraya Talks About Having Freedom In AEW


Saraya is grateful to have freedom in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

After defeating Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. in a singles contest at AEW Full Gear, Saraya addressed her comeback to the squared circle during the pay-per-view’s media scrum.

Saraya discussed multiple topics, including how she felt about her win over Baker, if she was nervous or not before the match, and she would also get on the conversation of having freedom in the Tony Khan-led promotion.

“It feels so good to be myself, that’s so important, when I’m here, I don’t feel like a product, I feel like me, and that’s all I’ve wanted to feel like. Having that freedom to be myself is so great. I know I’ll get more character stuff out there eventually, but right now, I’m excited to just be Saraya and have my name out there.”

Overall, Saraya said she feels “fantastic” about her bout with Britt Baker.

“I feel fantastic, and the wonderful thing about, Tony really takes care of us, down to a tee, he was like, I’m not going to let you get back in the ring until you’re officially, 100% ready to go, and I was like, I promise you, I got this, I promise you.

So we did MRIs, we did CG scans, we did X-rays, and my neck was 100% ready to go, even I was shocked, I was like I didn’t realize it would be 100%, but we got there, and the thing is, again, with Tony, too, is he is very understanding when it comes to injuries and stuff like that, so he said, I want to take it slow, I don’t want to rush back in, like I did the last time, with a lot of work, straight away, and he was just so understanding, I really appreciate him, and I’m happy I got to do this in AEW, too, I’ve been wanting to come here for a long time.”

You can watch the AEW Full Gear media scrum in its entirety here: