Road Dogg: CM Punk’s Use Of ‘Cult Of Personality’ Made “Zero Sense” In AEW

CM Punk

Years ago, he kissed goodbye to professional wrestling, however, in August 2021 when Living Colour’s “Cult Of Personality” blared for the first time in an AEW arena, fans instantly knew they were getting CM Punk back.

A lot of the wrestling community would be shocked at the return, but anticipation of his return was much-anticipated, with mainly positive reactions all across the spectrum, and it also come with along with some controversial talk with many asking how AEW owner Tony Khan managed to get the “Cult Of Personality” rights.

First debuting in 2011, fans have described a certain feeling when getting with Punk’s theme, whether watching it from home or viewing the spectacle at a live show. CM Punk would first use the theme in a match against John Cena where he was competing for the WWE Championship. Costing a pretty penny due to the song’s popularity, Punk has previously been on the record saying that he pushed WWE to buy the rights to the track, which they ultimately did.

Recently on his “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” podcast, Brian “Road Dogg” James said that All Elite Wrestling shouldn’t have spent the money for the song, saying the promotion made a mistake and there was no need from CM’s Punk side of things to even use it.

“Buying Cult of Personality for CM Punk makes zero sense to me. Yes that was his theme song for a minute, but why? [Whatever song they would’ve picked for his return] would’ve been fine, it would’ve been CM Punk’s new song and they could’ve found one in a music library that was close enough to where we can either copy this, rip it off a little bit, change it a little bit and own it, or we can just use that one, pay the library costs.

I don’t know, I don’t think the Cult of Personality defines him in my mind or not. I don’t know if I’m just bringing that up because I’m negative about him all the time.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.