Rhea Ripley Discusses Hating A Traditional Female Stereotype

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley has picked out a specific stereotype expected of women which she really isn’t a fan of.

The evolution of Rhea Ripley’s character since she made her WWE as part of the 2017 Mae Young Classic has been stark. Back then, the now ‘Nightmare’ sported long blonde hair and had a look much more along the lines of would be expected for a “traditional” female wrestler.

It was only a year later at the next edition of the tournament that the start of the evolution was clear, as Ripley leant in to the darker character and started changing her look to something which befitted her actions, which then morphed in to how we now see her alongside Judgment Day. The looks has also earned her comparisons to the iconic Chyna.

In a discussion with Fox Sports Australia, Rhea Ripley has now given her opinion when some say her look is “too masculine”, and how she will always stand up for her own choice in how she looks.

The whole thing is women should have long hair. I hate that stereotype. I hate when men say grow your hair out. No. This is my body, this is my choice. I do whatever the hell I want with my body and you can’t tell me what to do because I love myself. I don’t really care if you don’t love me.

Continuing on, Ripley made it clear how much joy it brings her when people point her out as an inspiration.

That’s so strong and I love when I get tagged in photos of women and they’ve cut their hair in the same way because ‘Rhea I found the confidence to cut my hair,’ that’s just insane to me.

Another comparison is often made between Rhea Ripley and Beth Phoenix, and that’s one ‘The Nightmare’ loves to hear.

Growing up, I looked at people like Beth Phoenix. She was different, she was built different, big beefy and she had muscles and she was going out there and obliterating anyone in her path. That’s someone I looked up to.

Rhea Ripley was recently joined in Judgment Day by Dominik Mysterio, and has commented that whether he wants her to be his Mami or Papi, she can be either.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.