Renee Young Comments on Leaving WWE After 8 Years – “An Opportunity of a Lifetime”

The rumors are true concerning the future of Renee Young. She is gone from WWE as of last night’s SummerSlam even. The news was first reported five days ago and this was the first time that Renee acknowledged it.

Renee appeared on part of the SummerSlam Kickoff Show with the panel, her departure from WWE was mentioned and then this morning she posted on Instagram about it.

“This November would mark 8 years in WWE. 8 years!! An opportunity of a lifetime with a global company to learn, grow, make history and do things beyond my wildest dreams before I left Toronto for this adventure. I made friends, family- literally family- I met my husband here (what a fucking dreamboat) and people that will be a part of my life forever. I did things I couldn’t have even imagined or dreamt up.”

You can check out the full Instagram post below.

Renee’s real name is Renee Paquette Good and she’s married to Jonathon Good, who is Jon Moxley – the AEW World Champion. Will she end up in AEW soon? It’s certainly a possibility, but there’s likely a no compete clause that would prevent it from happening. That’s not known for sure, but it would make sense.

TJR Thoughts: We wish Renee all the best. I’ve actually known her from before she was in WWE and I know she’s a big sports fan in addition in wrestling. She also has a cookbook coming out. There are a lot of things she could do and I know she’ll be successful at it. She turns 35 years old in September. Perhaps she wants to start a family? I don’t know. I’m just saying that while it sucks that she is moving on from WWE, it’s certainly understandable as well. Best of luck to her.