R-Truth Suffers Injury, WWE NXT Match Called Off


An unfortunate landing left R-Truth unable to continue in his WWE NXT match against Grayson Waller.

Last week, R-Truth made a surprise appearance on WWE NXT where he appeared to believe that he was going to be the host of Halloween Havoc despite the event taking place three days prior. His appearance came as Grayson Waller and Wes Lee were talking in the ring about their own Halloween Havoc performances, with Wes Lee winning the NXT North American Championship whereas Grayson Waller lost his casket match to Apollo Crews.

After Waller ridiculed R-Truth for not realizing that Halloween Havoc was already over, Truth mocked the Australian for his “British” accent. However, he responded with a jovial “My bad!” after Wes Lee confirmed that the event had taken place the previous Saturday.

Waller was incensed by R-Truth mocking him during the segment, and challenged the North Carolina native to a match – but said he’d have to wait until next week. However, the Australian tried to launch a sneak attack on the former 24/7 Champion, but found himself thwarted as R-Truth ran him off and said he would see the young upstart next week.

Sure enough, on the November 1st episode of WWE NXT, Grayson Waller and R-Truth went head to head inside the squared circle. While both men were impressive early in the bout, R-Truth took a nasty spill when he attempted a dive over the top rope and could be seen clutching his leg after his landing. The show quickly cut to a commercial break, and the camera focused on Waller throughout the picture-in-picture broadcast.

When NXT came back from its commercial break, it was announced that Grayson Waller had won the match as R-Truth was unable to continue after being medically evaluated. Truth was helped to the back as Waller got on the microphone, declaring that he wasn’t surprised that Truth was injured. He bragged about beating a 20 year veteran in the industry, claiming to have done it “all by himself” while making no mention of the injury Truth suffered.

Elsewhere on WWE NXT, NXT Champion Bron Breakker and Wes Lee unsuccessfully challenged Pretty Deadly for the NXT Tag Team Championships in the main event.