NXT Potentially Going Back On The Road

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A new report has claimed that NXT could soon return to touring for the first time since the show relaunched in September 2021.

During its heydey as the ‘Black and Gold brand’, NXT regularly toured the United States as WWE’s third brand. The brand also went global when it ran several live shows in the United Kingdom and made an appearance at the Download Festival.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, WWE ran ‘NXT Road Trip’ tours around the US as well as a Florida loop at smaller venues around the state. However, the last of these shows took place early in 2020 and the brand has not yet returned to the road.

Now, though, Dave Meltzer has reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that this could be about to change. Meltzer claimed that there have been talks about the show returning to the road “relatively soon”.

“There have been talks, and it’s not ‘official official’, but they are probably gonna start touring relatively soon. Of course I heard that last year, there was a time where it was about to happen and then they didn’t pull the trigger, but it’s back in the talking stage and serious talking and there’s, like I said, nothing official, but the belief is that they will be touring.

“I can’t imagine with this crew that they will tour nationally. I think it’s probably just the Florida shows, but that’s what I was talking about before – just run a couple of Florida shows, give these people some ring time, get them to learn how to wrestle in a non-television format and things like that.”

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