Bray Wyatt Easter Egg Appears On WWE Smackdown

Bray Wyatt

The Bray Wyatt mystery continues.

During WWE Smackdown this past Friday, Liv Morgan would launch a backstage attack on Sonya Deville after the latter was making fun of the former Smackdown Women’s Champion. While the brawl was taking place, a hooded individual would be in the background, which had a very similar appearance to that of Abby the Witch at Extreme Rules.

As a result, this has added mass speculation around Liv Morgan from fans that she could potentially be a part of a Bray Wyatt faction.

Even before this mysterious Easter Egg on Smackdown, there has been rumors around Liv Morgan that she could be involved with a Wyatt Family-style faction, and more directly, she could be the one who plays the Abby the Witch gimmick.

Recently, Morgan lost her WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship to Ronda Rousey at WWE’s Extreme Rules Premium Live Event in Philadelphia, and ever since then, Morgan has been showcasing a darker side of her character.

Bray Wyatt would make his highly-anticipated return at Extreme Rules after revealing the comeback of his Firefly Funhouse puppets in human-form. With the style of the return, it has many believing that Wyatt will have his characters come to life, being a part of “Wyatt 6” faction.