MJF Calls Jon Moxley The Most Overrated Wrestler In The World

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When MJF was asked who the most overrated wrestler in the world was in a recent interview, the brash young star from New York didn’t hesitate to name Jon Moxley and he would explain why.

During the September 7th episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF returned to the company’s main show as the winner of the Casino Ladder Match (thanks to an assist from The Firm) to earn a future AEW World Title.

While MJF appeared to soak up the cheers from the Buffalo crowd on Dynamite, Jon Moxley arrived to call out MJF for his actions. Moxley was right as MJF went back to his normal routine of insulting the crowd.

On the September 14th episode of Dynamite, MJF did another promo this time taking more personal shots at Moxley by referencing his battle with alcoholism that led to Moxley going to rehab to get better.

MJF was a guest on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and he continued to berate Moxley throughout the interview. When asked who the most overrated wrestler in the world was, MJF singled out the two-time AEW Wold Champion Moxley:

“I think I’m gonna say Jon Moxley. Jon Moxley is definitely a star, but he’s not the guy that you think he is. I was trying to explain it on TV but sometimes I fear because I’m so intelligent that things that I’m saying go over people’s heads.”

“Jon Moxley represents, or is presenting to you, a version of himself that is this [Jon Moxley impression] ‘This big, bad tough guy, I’ll drink your blood, I’ll break your bones man!’ It’s neat, but deep down I don’t think it’s him. I think he’s still that scared little boy from the slums of Cincinnati, and he’s putting on an act.”

“When MJF steps through the curtain I’m not portraying anybody. I’m me 24/7. And if you don’t believe me you can ask him. [points at Helwani] He’s seen me out and about when there’s not a camera rolling, he knows the deal. I’m always MJF and that’s a fact.”

“So in that sense I think he’s overrated. I think people are kind of buying wolf tickets when it comes to Jon Moxley.”

“Great professional wrestler, great on the microphone, but I don’t think he’s who he’s claiming to be.”

Also during MJF’s interview with Helwani, he made it clear that all he cares about in pro wrestling is the money, so when he’s a free agent during “the bidding war of 2024” he’s going to go where the money is.

It appears that MJF and Moxley are on a collision course although Moxley has a huge match on the September 21 episode of Dynamite when he faces Bryan Danielson to crown a new AEW World Champion.

If Moxley and MJF meet in a World Title match in the future, it wouldn’t be the first time because Moxley beat MJF to retain the AEW World Title in the main event of All Out 2020.