MJF Explains How His Relationship With Tony Khan Improved

MJF AEW entrance

Money talks, according to MJF.

AEW star, MJF has been the talk of the town since returning to All Elite Wrestling programming during the company’s All Out pay-per-view, earlier this month.

The biggest factor in his hiatus was purely to do with money, if you listen to the man himself.

When appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, MJF explained how his relationship with AEW President and CEO, Tony Khan soured during his time away from the company, but when Khan started reaching a deeper into his pockets, MJF was quick to forgive:

“Not good. Now it’s great. I’m a simple man. I go out there. All I do is win. I’m winning in the ring. I’m winning on the mic. I’m constantly winning. So obviously I had no problem with how I was being showcased. That wasn’t the issue. The issue is money. I was looking to my left and to my right and I was hearing rumblings about what guys were making when I was three times the draw they were minute by minute. I’ve seen the analytics and I went, that doesn’t work for me. I’m MJ freakin’ F. Pay up.”

While currently happy with his salary, MJF says before his pay bump, he was getting paid comparably with the likes of IMPACT Wrestling and Ring Of Honor stars.

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