New NXT Champion Crowned As WWE Draft Awaits

Baron Corbin Trick Williams WWE NXT

Ahead of the WWE Draft, all eyes were on NXT Spring Breakin’ as a new NXT Champion was crowned, perhaps signalling big changes coming.

Ilja Dragunov captured the NXT Championship for the first time in September 2023 when he defeated Carmelo Hayes for the gold at No Mercy. Dragunov dominated as champion, successfully defending the gold against Hayes, Dominik Mysterio, Baron Corbin, Trick Williams, and Tony D’Angelo, but at Spring Breakin’ one of those challengers came back to haunt him.

Trick Williams called his title shot against Dragunov after defeating Carmelo Hayes at Stand & Deliver, but Dragunov would only accept that challenge if Williams put his NXT career on the line. Williams agreed and the match was set.

Trick Williams Wins Big At NXT Spring Breakin’

At NXT Spring Breakin’, Trick Williams defeated Dragunov for the gold after laying out the Russian star with his Trick Knee. After the match, Dragunov embraced the new champion and handed Williams the title belt as a new era of NXT began.

The WWE Draft begins on the 26th of April edition of SmackDown with Ilja Dragunov one of two NXT stars believed to be certainties for the WWE main roster when that takes place. One report already noted that Trick Williams is set to be the face of one WWE brand after the draft and it looks like we now know which one that will be.