Mick Foley’s Male & Female Choices For 2022 Wrestling MVPs

mick foley becky lynch

Mick Foley is a wrestling legend that has accomplished a lot in his career and now the current podcaster is making his choices for the MVPs of wrestling in 2022.

The first eight months of 2022 are in the past, so Foley has decided to talk about who he thinks deserves some praise as MVPs (Most Valuable Players) in wrestling this year.

The WWE Hall of Famer Foley talked about the subject of MVPs on his popular Foley is Pod podcast. Foley mentioned the likes of Will Ospreay having a great year in Japan, Europe and AEW while also praising AEW’s Jon Moxley.

When speaking about women’s wrestlers, Foley had a lot of praise for the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, who had a memorable feud with Bianca Belair for most of the year. Lynch is currently out of action with a shoulder injury.

Foley explained his choices for MVPs as best he could:

“I’m not picking on Will Ospreay at all right. Will has had a great year, I would say Moxley is my MVP at this point in the year just for what his presence on TV has meant coming back from my rehabilitation and willing to go anywhere and work any style, like that reminds me of like Harley Race, you know, the travelling champions of old.”

“So I would put Moxley up there as my as my male MVP, Becky Lynch at this point is my female MVP, even if she’s not going to probably return before the end of [the year] I don’t know. Even if she doesn’t return before the end of the year. I think what she did on a weekly basis was just so impressive that she gets my nod not just because she’s a good friend and who cites me as an inspiration, I think she did amazing stuff. But Will Ospreay is doing things that are incredible.”

Lynch has been injured since her outstanding SummerSlam match with Bianca Belair, who defeated Lynch to retain the Raw Women’s Title. Lynch is hopeful that she “won’t miss much time” although there’s no timeline that has been announced for her return.

As for Moxley, he recently became the Undisputed AEW World Champion when he defeated CM Punk on Dynamite. Moxley will face Punk again in the main event of AEW All Out this Sunday, September 4th in Punk’s hometown of Chicago.

h/t Inside The Ropes