Matt Hardy Reacts To WWE Return Of Gallows & Anderson

matt hardy good brothers gallows anderson

The tag team once known as The Good Brothers are back in WWE and Matt Hardy has reacted to it saying he’s happy for his friends.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson returned to WWE on the October 10th episode of Raw when their buddy AJ Styles needed their help. Just when it looked like Styles might join The Judgment Day group, Gallows & Anderson helped Styles clean house and the trio known as The OC were back together again.

While Gallows worked for WWE earlier in his career in the 2000s under different gimmicks, he was joined by Anderson in the company when they signed in 2016. That run lasted about four years until they were released during the pandemic in April 2020.

Matt Hardy worked with Gallows & Anderson quite a bit in WWE along with other promotions, so he discussed their return on the Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast. Hardy explained what happened when Gallows & Anderson were released unfairly by WWE in 2020.

“Once again, very happy for my friends. And it’s so funny, the tribalism is just off the charts. You know, it’s unreal, you know, whenever you’re on social media. Once again I did post for Bray, super happy for him. I think I put up whenever we hugged at WrestleMania 35 or 34, and then also I post of me and The Good Brothers. So I was just happy to see those guys back, you know, they really got f*cked , you know, in their WWE deal and they got f*cked around so much because they, you know, agreed to work with AEW. And then Hunter underneath Vince was offering them more money, more money, more money, more money was trying to keep them and then once they got to a certain amount, they’re like, guys we can’t turn down, you know, we can’t turn down this much money, we have to do it. And then once they re-signed, a couple months later, they were cut, you know, whenever the pandemic started, which they just got f*cked. And that’s just that’s how Vince was, you know, Vince is a businessman, through and through, you know, he’s not necessarily looking at people like oh, these are human beings that have a family. He’s like oh these are cogs in my machine, and currently I don’t need them now, especially for this high price tag.”

Hardy went on to credit Gallows & Anderson for being great guys that were fun to be around.

“I’m so glad they are getting another opportunity to go back and you know, they worked with AEW for quite a while. I loved having them around. They dressed in the same locker room with you know, myself and The Bucks and Kenny and they’re just hilarious, just fun to be around guys, guys who love life. And then they went to IMPACT and they busted their ass and they got themselves back over again. And then once he can come back up to WWE to get that big contract, which is great to see.”

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