MJF “You Got To Come To Me” – Matt Cardona Offers AEW Star Hilarious Advice

MJF Matt Cardona FI

MJF may be on top of the world following his incredible return to AEW however wrestling’s hottest free agent Matt Cardona has offered his fellow Long Island native a hilarious piece of advice to help take his game to the next level.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart, Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder, would praise MJF for his meteoric rise in AEW calling the 26-year-old as ‘a hell of a talent’ before offering him some hilarious advice.

“I mean MJF is a hell of a talent. I think that speaks for itself right? He trained under my partner Brian Myers at Create-A-Pro on Long Island, so I have known about Max for a long time. I’ve been watching him grow since he first started and you could tell right away this kid has something and it’s obvious now. He has the gift of gab and he can go the ring and he’s starting to work on his physique.

I will say this Max, if you’re listening, if you need some tanning advice, and you do, you got to come to me… you got to. I don’t know what kind of spray he’s using on his hands but they always look kind of funky with a tanner. Come to me, I’ll help you out.”

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion would continue, revealing that although he doesn’t want to fight the AEW star he would be more than open to teaming with him.

“Listen, I have no desire to go one on one with Max and we are in our own different universes right now. Maybe I team with Max, we are both from Long Island. Maybe we will team up to take on some Jabronis.

Max is doing great, I just saw he landed the role in in a movie on the Von Erichs. So congrats to Max. He’s doing a great job.”

Matt Cardona is set to take on Trevor Murdoch and Tyrus for the NWA Worlds’ Heavyweight Championship at NWA’s upcoming Hard Times 3 PPV on Saturday November 12th – available to watch for just $24.99 via FITE. Nick Aldis had previously been set to take on recent rival Odinson in singles competition, the NWA is yet to announce a replacement for Aldis on the upcoming event.

During the same interview Cardona would discuss Nick Aldis’ controversial NWA departure, the worst clickbait news headline he has ever seen and the breakout stars of the international independent wrestling scene.

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