Former AEW Star Reveals An Injury Cost Them A Role In Power Rangers Movie

Power Rangers

One former AEW star was set for a role in an upcoming Power Rangers movie before an injury brought the opportunity to a halt!

Back in November of 2020, Lio Rush revealed that he was set for a role in an upcoming Power Rangers movie called Legend of the White Dragon. The film, which is still in production, is being produced by the independent company Bat in the Sun, will feature the return of Jason David Frank as Tommy as well as multiple other former stars of the franchise.

However, in a recent interview with the Say Less podcast, Lio Rush revealed that he was taken out of the project after suffering an injury.

“Well actually, that opportunity [Power Rangers acting gig] kind of got stripped away from me because of my second injury. So yeah, yeah. I had a lot going on. I believe I was supposed to be one of the villains. I was gonna have a small fighting scene… I was probably fighting off one of the Power Rangers, which would have been dope. I was looking forward to that.” (h/t Fightful)

While Rush initially announced his retirement from professional wrestling due to injury in 2021, he did return to the squared circle to fulfill commitments to NJPW and also signed with AEW for a short stint that ended in February 2022.

Elsewhere in the Say Less interview, Rush spoke about his time working for Tony Khan in AEW, saying that while Khan was a self-professed fan of his, he didn’t know what to do with him on television and saw him as more of a manager than an in-ring talent.

“Of course not. When I say things, I don’t wanna sound like it was breaking news because I feel like these things are so blatantly obvious. It’s like, y’know, he made it pretty clear to me, verbally, that when he was a fan of me, it was when I was in WWE and I was doing the manager stuff with Bobby [Lashley]. If that’s how he saw me, that’s the only light he sees me in… [then] that’s [probably what] he’s gonna shift me to be in that kind of role.”

“Which I’m not, y’know… I’m so grateful for that time period [in WWE] because it taught me how to talk, it taught me how to present myself, and build others up. No, I don’t think that [they] exactly knew what to do with me. That’s always a frustrating thing, but like you said when [I] say stuff it just gets f*cking blown up.” (h/t Fightful)