Major Update On Daniel Bryan Potentially Debuting In AEW

Daniel Bryan

While the world still reels from CM Punk debuting in AEW, a new report says Daniel Bryan may be close to his own introduction to the world of All Elite.

While there has been no official confirmation that Bryan has signed with the company, it was initially reported on July 21st that the deal was done.

The report from Cassidy Haynes of said that Bryan has already signed with AEW. The report went on to say that Bryan wanted an easier schedule, the ability to work in Japan and creative input over his character.

It was widely expected that Bryan would make his debut at AEW’s first-ever stadium show at Arthur Ashe Stadium at AEW Grand Slam on September 22nd.

Speculation surrounding Bryan was amplified on the most recent episode of Dynamite by fellow new arrival CM Punk. As Punk spoke to the crowd they chanted “Yes!” in a way made famous by Daniel Bryan in WWE. Sporting a large grin, Punk said that fans might have to be a little bit more patient for that one, stopping just short of referencing Bryan by name.

To further hammer the point home, Punk later took to social media to share a photo of a handshake. But not just any handshake. It was a close-up of a handshake between himself and Daniel Bryan, aka Bryan Danielson from ROH in 2004.

However, a new report from Cassidy Haynes of suggests that fans might not have to be patient for much longer. The report states that after Punk’s debut on August 20th, AEW was looking to capitalise on the buzz created by the arrival. As a result, plans changed.

According to multiple sources, the new plan will see Bryan Danielson will make his AEW debut at All Out on September 5th. The former WWE Champion hasn’t appeared in the ring since being defeated by Roman Reigns on April 30th in a match that if Bryan lost he was to be banished from SmackDown. His WWE contract reportedly ran out on the day that match was held.