Why Logan Paul Refused To Do The Diamond Cutter With DDP

Logan Paul WWE

DDP has recalled WWE Superstar Logan Paul’s explanation for refusing to use the famous Diamond Cutter hand gesture for a photo.

In the late 1990s, Diamond Dallas Page was one of WCW’s biggest stars and his Diamond Cutter finishing move ended many high=profile matches. In much the same way that the Stone Cold Stunner was met with a huge reaction in WWE, the Diamond Cutter was a much-anticipated feature of any DDP bout.

Alongside the move, Page’s diamond hand gesture became hugely popular and he uses it to this day for photos with fans.

However, on the most recent edition of his DDP Snake Pit podcast, Page revealed that WWE Superstar Logan Paul was one of only two men who ever refused to use the gesture with him, the other being Hollywood star Val Kilmer.

“We were in the elevator and I could tell that he wasn’t a fan from being a kid. He shook my hand and I said, ‘Let’s do a picture.’ I said, ‘Let’s do the diamond cutter (hand sign)’, and he said, ‘No, I don’t do that.’

“The only other person to say no to me doing the diamond cutter was Val Kilmer, but every single other person has done it with me. He said, ‘It’s a gang sign. I got sued over that.’

“I understood him because a guy like him is in such a position, I mean, he’s up there. Last thing he needs is wrestling, but it’s another thing that brings him into the mainstream again, doing something else that’s a spectacle.

“We have a humongous audience. But he wouldn’t do anything because, a gang sign, and he’s been sued over it before. I said, ‘Don’t worry about it’, so we took the picture.”

H/T to WrestlingNewsCo for the above transcription.