Karrion Kross Reacts To Failed 2021 Run On Raw: “It Was Just Missing Things”

karrion kross mask

Karrion Kross is back in WWE, but the man known for the “tick tock” warnings recently took time to reflect on what failed in his 2021 run on Raw.

The former two-time NXT Champion Kross returned with his wife Scarlett on the August 5th edition of Smackdown. Kross did a cheap attack on Drew McIntyre, who was sent into the steel steps repeatedly. Scarlett also left an hourglass in the ring for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to look at as a warning sign that Kross may be coming for him some day.

Kross and Scarlett were released by WWE in November 2021. While Kross appeared on Raw for a few months prior to that, Scarlett did not appear on screen with him like she did in NXT.

While WWE cited “budget cuts” for the release of Kross and many others in the past, the main reason for the release was likely because the presentation of Kross wasn’t working.

A lot has changed in WWE since Kross was released because Triple H has taken over WWE Creative from a now retired Vince McMahon, who failed to utilize Kross properly. Since Triple H helped create the presentation with Kross in NXT, it should lead to a lot more success for Kross.

During a recent appearance on WWE’s After The Bell Podcast with Corey Graves & Vic Joseph, Kross spoke about how the lack of continuity from his NXT run to his Raw presentation wasn’t good for him.

“The most important thing for me, for my fans, was to be able to create continuity. One of the biggest criticisms of the transition between Kross on NXT and Kross on Raw was that there was no continuity, it was just missing things. It was an amputated presentation.”

Kross appeared on the August 19 Smackdown to issue another warning to Drew McIntyre. However, Kross has avoided having a physical confrontation with McIntyre since the cheap attack two weeks earlier.

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