Johnny Gargano Says WWE Star Is ‘One Of The Most Underrated Talents In The World’


Johnny Gargano is a big fan of a certain WWE RAW star.

WWE RAW star, Johnny Gargano has been on quite the high since returning to the company during the 7/22 episode of Monday Night RAW. While returning in the middle of August, ‘Johnny Wrestling’ didn’t get back to doing what he does best, wrestling, until the 9/12 edition of WWE’s flagship show, where he faced one-half of Alpha Academy, Chad Gable.

According to Gargano, Gable is not only an amazing in-ring talent, but one of the most underrated talents in all of professional wrestling, as he explained when speaking with WWE Deutschland:

“Chad Gable’s amazing. Chad Gable’s one of the most underrated talents in the world, and I will be very on record of saying that. Chad Gable is such a talent, so underrated, and I think the world of him honestly.”

Gargano would then delve into how it felt to return to the ring for the first-time since the end of 2021:

“I felt great. Obviously, it felt good to be back, to hear the crowd again, to be me again, it felt great. But, it’s a great first step, but the work is far from done and I’m far from a finished product and I do believe things are gonna get better and better every single time.”

(h/t to WrestlingInc. for the transcription)