Jim Cornette Criticises Adam Page Promo Despite Its High Praise

Hangman Adam Page AEW

Hangman Adam Page was widely praised for his promo on Dynamite where he went toe-to-toe with Jon Moxley but Jim Cornette wasn’t a fan.

Page was lauded for his fired-up promo as he got in AEW World Champion Jon Moxley’s face after Moxley referred to the former champion as a kid one week prior. Adam Page showed he was anything but as he stood up to Moxley ahead of them going one-on-one for the AEW World Title in Moxley’s hometown of Cincinnati on Dynamite.

Despite the plaudits, one man wasn’t a fan. Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette laid into Adam Page’s promo and says the words were there but the charisma was not:

“Adam Page has—he said all the words here but he has zilch in the way of promo charisma, where he doesn’t make you think that it’s him talking, he’s reciting sh*t. He doesn’t put inflection or emphasis into a lot of it, it’s just his same blank stare and monotonic voice. Except when he flips out every once and a while and as he did here.”

“I don’t know what to think about this, I mean I guess if you already liked Adam Page you thought ‘wow boy what a promo’ but like most people, since they don’t already like him they thought ‘what the f*ck is with this f*cking guy.’ He acts like a nerd trying to be a cowboy.”

Jon Moxley and Page’s bout headlines a big night of championship action on Dynamite as AEW’s flagship show goes head-to-head with NXT on Tuesday. The Interim AEW World Title will also be on the line as Toni Storm defends her gold against Hikaru Shida and ROH’s past will catch up with Chris Jericho again as Dalton Castle challenges The Ocho for the ROH World Championship.

h/t Sportskeeda