Jim Cornette Vents On CM Punk & Adam Page Issues

CM Punk Hangman Adam Page

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has given his thoughts on CM Punk’s explosive press conference comments and blames Adam Page for starting a war of words.

At the All Out post-show media scrum CM Punk lashed out at several people with controversial remarks aimed at The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Adam Page among others.

Punk’s issues with Page seem to stem from a promo the former AEW World Champion cut on Punk in the lead-up to their Double Or Nothing match back in May. CM Punk seems to believe that Page went off-script with his remarks so returned the favour when he called Page out on Dynamite in an unplanned moment.

Now Jim Cornette has given his usual forthright thoughts on the subject on his Experience podcast and believes Adam Page was the one that set the spark for this explosion:

“I see a lot of people on Twitter today and wherever go ‘How dare Punk do something like this?’ Well, I believe the instigating, motivating factor in all of this was when ole [Hangman] Page did the exact same thing only not as good and in more of what the kids call it – a passive-aggressive way. Which is more of a way of what the [Young Bucks] and all of their little buckaroos do things, they like to just run their d*ck lickers behind people’s back and in quiet instead of doing that in front of them or in public.”

“But, if we’re talking about unprofessional behaviour and or telling the truth, imagine that, on television, then Page crossed that rainbow bridge first, what was it a few months ago with this promo and remember at the time we heard it, and we talked about it on the show the next day, we said what in the world? Did he just forget everything he was supposed to say? Because none of this made any sense. Or was he trying to do a shoot interview of some kind? Turn heel? Because he sounded like a whiny little bitch. What was going on there? We didn’t know.”

“And then we find out that he was trying, the problem is that he’s not articulate enough to be able to do this and still make it legible to the general viewing public. He was trying to do a shoot interview as a shoot on Punk, in front of Punk in the middle of the ring on live TV before their big pay-per-view match.”

“So I think that if you’re going to do something like that, then at a media scrum, where everybody’s talking to the media, and Tony [Khan] is so open about everything and that’s where all the opponents come out and hug and kiss on each other and say how much they loved being able to express their art with each other that night, that Punk ought to come out and tell the truth about what happened. How is that unprofessional? They did it to him when he wasn’t ready for it on a television show that was not supposed to be for the media but was supposed to be for public consumption.”

“Well, now we’re talking to the press, so here’s what’s going on. How is that? In any way [unprofessional]? I think he asked one of the journalists in the room ‘What did I do to get this guy to go into business for himself on me, without any warning on live national television?’ So I don’t see how they’re blaming Punk for coming out and telling the truth. It’s what we’ve been saying, it’s what a lot of other people have been saying.”

CM Punk’s press conference remarks led to an altercation between himself, his friend and AEW producer Ace Steel, and The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. Reports suggest that Steel was “lucky to not be in jail” after allegedly assaulting Nick Jackson with a chair and biting Kenny Omega.

h/t Inside The Ropes