Jeff Hardy’s Initial Ring Of Honor Debut Got Such A Bad Reaction, He Called The Promotion “Ring Of Horror”

Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy, Ring Of Honor

Jeff Hardy’s brother Matt has revealed how reluctant ‘The Charsimatic Enigma’ was to go back to Ring Of Honor after the response his debut received.

Bringing his Willow persona to Ring Of Honor, Jeff Hardy made his first appearance for the company at Death Before Dishonor 2003 following his release from WWE in April that year. However, his triple-threat match with Joey Matthews and Krazy K certainly didn’t get the reception he would have been hoping for.

In a discussion on his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, the multi-time Tag Team Champion has talked about his brother called the company Ring Of Horror and didn’t want to return there for a long time.

That was a very famous night where he first like debuted Willow there on ROH, came out in that and that match was actually put together by Thomas Simpson, who you just saw there, if I’m not mistaken. It was Jeff, he was doing something with Kirby Mack, who was a student of Thomas Simpson back in the day. And somehow he enabled a deal to get Jeff to come to the ROH show. But I remember Jeff never wanted to go back to ROH. After that, I remember for the longest time he called it Ring of Horror and he was so upset about the reaction he got there.

Eventually he relented, and in 2017 The Hardy Boyz became Ring Of Honor Tag Team Champions, with a reign which lasted for just under a month. They both won and lost the titles in matches against The Young Bucks, and after the latter contest made their return to WWE at WrestleMania 33 the following night.

It has been a tough year for Jeff Hardy following another arrest for DUI, with his pre-trial hearing for the offense now set to place later this month.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.