Jake Roberts On Telling Vince McMahon To Leave The Undertaker’s Character “The F*ck Alone”

Jake Roberts AEW

Whilst The Undertaker carved out a legendary character in professional wrestling, it would seem Jake Roberts had to step in when Vince McMahon wanted to make changes to the icon’s presentation.

Jake Roberts and The Undertaker squared off inside the squared circle on a number of occasions during their respective careers, with one of the most memorable likely be when ‘The Snake’ became just the second man to part of the WrestleMania streak of ‘The Dead Man’, taking the fall at the eighth edition of ‘The Showcase Of The Immortals’.

The Undertaker evolved his character with the times, however it would seem on one occasion then WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was ready to step in and make some changes. In a discussion on his DDP Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts has made it clear that he wasn’t prepared to just sit there and let that happen, standing up to McMahon and saying that he didn’t need to fix something which wasn’t broken.

I’m old school, I like the first one. I know I was in a meeting with Undertaker and Vince and creative. And they were talking about changing his [Undertaker’s] character. And I asked, ‘Excuse me. I have one question. Is it not working anymore? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Leave it the f*ck alone. Why break something that’s working?’ I thought they lost a lot when they went to the next step. I thought they lost a lot.

Jake Roberts has also recently revealed how he was friends with ‘The Phenom’ outside the ring, including shares stories of the pair going to a strip joint.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.