Jacques Rougeau On Throwing An Apple At Rick Steiner – “I Shot It Right To His Face”

Jacques Rougeau cuts a promo

Former WWE Superstar Jacques Rougeau has discussed a locker room incident where he “lost it” at Rick Steiner and lobbed an apple at his face.

Jacques Rougeau was a mainstay in WWE in the late 1980s and early 1990s, teaming with his brother Ray for much of that time. In 1991 he was repackaged as the villainous Mountie. It was during this time that he won his only singles title in WWE, the Intercontinental Championship although he only held it for two days.

Following several months away from the company at the end of 1992, Rougeau returned to WWE in 1993 and formed a tag team with Pierre Ouellet – today best known as PCO – they named The Quebecers.

In an interview with WSI, Rougeau opened up about the problems he had with some people in the locker room following his return. He explained that he overheard WWF Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner badmouthing him to Shawn Michaels. Steiner also threw a peanut at Rougeau, this was to be the final straw.

“I lost it. My two wires must have touched each other. I grabbed an apple on the table and I just turned around and I full swinged it like a fast baseball and I shot it right to his face. When it got to his face, it hit a pole right in the middle, a small pole.”

“Don’t ask me how that happened! The apple hit the pole and exploded really hard in front of him. I looked at him like, ‘F*ck you, what the f*ck?’ Everybody just looked at us and then it died down. Those are altercations that I’m not proud of.”

Jacques Rougeau went on to say that he believes Rick Steiner was annoyed with The Quebecers because they were set to defeat him and his brother Scott for the WWF Tag Team Championships.

“Well, it was pretty simple. Carl [Pierre] and I, we came in for the first night in Manhattan for Monday Night RAW. It was our first time as The Quebecers, first night in the dressing room, and Vince [McMahon] wanted us to take the titles from the Steiners, and they were very, very upset with that.”

The Quebecers went on to win the Tag Team Championships from The Steiner Brothers as planned on the September 13th, 1993 episode of Raw. It was to be the first of three reigns the duo had with the titles.

H/T to Sportskeeda for the above transcription.