Gunther Explains Why He Was Glad To Work With Vince McMahon

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Gunther has been a dominant force since joining the WWE main roster and now he’s talking about how he enjoyed working with Vince McMahon.

The former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon retired on July 22nd, which was about three months after Gunther was moved from NXT to Smackdown.

When Gunther signed with WWE in 2019, he was using the name WALTER that he was known for during his independent wrestling days. After a dominant run as the NXT UK Champion including two incredible matches with Ilja Dragunov, he was moved to NXT. Following his move to Smackdown in April, Gunther was able to capture the Intercontinental Title from Ricochet on June 10th.

Gunther was recently interviewed by Chuck Bean of Nerdradio and the talented Austrian said he was glad to be able to work with McMahon before his retirement. Gunther also referred to a social media post where he referred to himself as a “pro wrestling champion.”

“I’m actually glad I got the chance to work with Vince a little bit. My time there and the few interactions we had, there weren’t that many. I’m kind of glad that happened so I still make the experience a little bit. Obviously, everybody was surprised by that. Whatever company, if somebody else is in charge, things are going to be done a little different. Everybody has their own approach.”

“I haven’t felt stressed or anything like that before, I always focused on myself, did myself, and that’s not going to change. From the tweet, there was big reactions and stuff, if you open my Twitter page or Instagram, it’s always said Berufsringer, the German word for professional wrestling. It’s always been in there.”

“Professional wrestling is a sports entertainment. It’s a sport that this there to entertain. It’s not a competitive sport. You can say one or the other way. I always refer to myself as a professional wrestler. Even in WWE, where the entertainment aspect is way higher compared to other places, at the end, when the bell rings, wrestling will never change. There has not been a memo or something where it’s like, ‘Hey guys, you can call yourself wrestlers again.’ I never stopped referring to myself as that.”

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The big Austrian Gunther will defend the Intercontinental Title this coming Saturday, September 3rd at Clash at the Castle when he faces off against Sheamus. It will be first-ever matchup between the two talented Europeans known for their physical style.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.