GCW Owner On Possible AEW Talent Ban


Despite speculation to the contrary, GCW owner Brett Lauderdale claims it’s news to him if AEW talent aren’t allowed to work for him any more.

There have been plenty of crossovers between AEW contracted talent and GCW, with the likes of Jon Moxley and Joey Janela making appearances for the brand over recent months.

However, there has been talk that the relationship between the brands is now over, with AEW taking a more stringent approach as to where their stars perform.

In an interview with Fightful regarding GCW’s new deal with FITE+, Brett Lauderdale made it clear that he believes there is still a relationship between GCW and AEW.

If there is such a thing, that has never been communicated to me. If that is a new rule, nobody told me that. I still have good relationships with AEW talent and I still discuss opportunities with them.

I don’t think the relationship is dead. I don’t think there’s a ban. There’s always different guidelines and certain people that are or aren’t available. The rules on how, when and why change all the time. I hear about new changes for everybody all the time. That’s the thing with wrestling: things change every day.

On the specific case of Jon Moxley, who recently signed a new deal with AEW which will see him take a more prominent backstage role, Lauderdale still believes he could be seen in an AEW ring.

Even that (Moxley done with GCW) may be taking a leap. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Moxley turn up at a GCW event two months from now.

Whilst GCW clearly has links to AEW, there have been reports in recent months that they are set to start a working relationship with WWE.

With thanks to Wrestling Observer for the transcription.