Ex-WCW Star Details Run-In With Sheamus

Sheamus WWE

A former WCW and Mexican wrestling star got into a heated conversation with Sheamus…all over a simple difference of opinion.

Konnan was at a private party and a bunch of WWE wrestlers were there as well. Konnan is close friends with Rey Mysterio, and it was Rey who introduced Sheamus to Konnan. As it turns out, Sheamus and Konnan already knew each other.

Allegedly, Konnan hadn’t been a big fan of Sheamus’ matches and had made similar comments. At this party, the former WWE Champion got in Konnan’s face about those comments but Konnan responded calmly to avoid escalating things further.

Speaking on his “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, Konnan described how the Irish star got defensive over his work and took business criticism as personal criticism.

“Sheamus was talking to Rey. Rey goes, ‘Do you know my boy Konnan?’ He turned around and said, ‘Oh, yea, he’s always burying me. What do you have against me?’ I go, ‘Well, I don’t even know you. It’s nothing personal. It’s your work rate. I don’t like your matches. Don’t take it personal. That’s just my opinion. What do you care what I think?'”

“He just turned around and ignored me, and then later on in the night, he did come up to me and he goes, ‘Hey man. I’m sorry if I got out of line and sh*t.’ I said, ‘It’s all good’, but he did ask me about it. But bro, I mean that Sheamus and this Sheamus are two different people. This guy right now is super, super, super over and the people love him.”

Konnan ended his comments on a positive note, which seems to reflect the general wrestling fandom’s collective appreciation of the current Brawling Brute. After having that outstanding match with GUNTHER at Clash at the Castle, Sheamus appears to be getting over organically and doing some of the best work of his entire career.

h/t for the transcription.