Sheamus Compares Current Fan Reaction To “Forced” Reaction From His Early Days

Sheamus WWE

Sheamus appears to be much happier and more satisfied with himself now that he’s getting organic positive reactions from the fans.

Having wrestled for WWE for thirteen years, Sheamus has played both a babyface and a heel on WWE programming. Although he excelled as a heel, WWE’s management experimented on him by casting him as a babyface. And although Sheamus got some cheers, he knew they weren’t genuine because he had the WWE machine behind him and the audience knew that.

Speaking with David Shoemaker on the Ringer’s Wrestling Show podcast, Sheamus noted how his unnatural alignment led to equally unnatural reactions, and that letting things happen naturally without involvement from ‘the machine’ yields better results:

“I’ve never had that reaction before in my career. When I started, I was the heel. [Then] I was a babyface and the machine was behind me and the people knew the machine was behind me, and it was like walking in mud, walking in quicksand. Everything felt forced. Nothing felt natural. I’m telling you, the last 10 months with these two lads, it’s been incredible, and it’s organic. That’s what’s been missing from this business, people being able to organically grow, organically get over.”

The live crowd reactions aren’t the only things Sheamus ought to be proud of. His match with GUNTHER at Clash at the Castle has been universally praised as one of the best matches of the year and quite possibly the best match of Sheamus’ career.

h/t for the transcription.