Ex-AEW Star Claims Thunder Rosa Legitimately Punched Her During A Match

Thunder Rosa

A former AEW star claims that Thunder Rosa came at her with live rounds during a match between the two on Dynamite back in 2020.

The issues between Ivelisse and Thunder Rosa stretch back further than Ivelisse’s short time in AEW which came to an end in early 2021.

Taking to social media, Ivelisse shared a moment from her bout with Thunder Rosa in AEW where La Mera Mera looks to catch her with a real punch, adding the message:

“Never forget , the moment this b decided to be a coward piece of sh and shoot punch me when she was supposed to block my shot + something else, and also the balls to pull my hair this way, she lucky im a pro and didn’t proceed to break her jaw”

In late 2020 Thunder Rosa commented on the situation on Busted Open Radio saying she never had any issues with Ivelisse and that she ensured her opponent was safe at all times:

“I never had any issues with her. I worked with her in Lucha Underground and other promotions. I thought the match was going well and then you saw what you saw. We made it work, we finished, and nobody got hurt. To me, that’s the most important part. You gotta make it work and that’s what I attempted to do.”

“Even until the finish, I made sure my opponent was safe at all times, no matter what happened in-between. My promise with anybody that I step in the ring (with), regardless of my relationship inside or outside, is to keep my opponent. I’m not trying to kill you, this is not MMA. They’re not paying me a bunch of money to try and kill you. This is a dance and I try to have the best dance possible.”

Thunder Rosa has proved to be a controversial figure in AEW to this day with current Interim AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm apparently taking a shot at her over the severity of her injury that saw her have to withdraw from All Out in September.

h/t Fightful