Jim Cornette Not Impressed By Johnny Gargano’s WWE Return

johnny gargano wwe raw

Whilst plenty of people were pleased to see Johnny Gargano return to WWE, Jim Cornette was not one of them.

After nine months away from wrestling, Johnny Gargano made a surprise return on the 22nd August 2022 edition of Monday Night Raw, where he was confronted by Theory who got a superkick for his troubles.

Johnny Wrestling had allowed his contract with WWE to expire, and announced that he would be taking time away from the squared circle to be around his wife, Candice LeRae, and their soon to be born first child.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the former wrestling manager made it clear that he was not in the same camp as many at being happy that Gargano had returned.

[Talking about NXT names] It’s a Scrabble game and they just throw the f*cking tiles at random and see what pops up. But the reason why this came up and why everybody’s been talking about names again is because the darling has returned and he’s using the same name and the same face, Johnny Gargano came back to wrestling.

Oh joy, bliss, the business has been saved and he’s using the name he was using there before, imagine that I mean, I know it’s not out of the bounds of possibility they would change it after five years or whatever, but for whatever reason, they seem to like this guy.

And for the kind of people who like that kind of thing. I guess he’s the kind of thing those people like. But obviously this is the furthest thing from a game changer in any wrestling war that Johnny Gargano, Johnny same face no Mrs. same face with him this time, but Johnny same face has returned to entertain us with his generic build his diminutive body, his pale complexion, his undemonstrative face and his general overall silly demeanour.

Cornette went on to say that he felt many people had made Johnny Gargano’s signing sound far more important than it actually was.

I know there’s a segment of the audience that appreciates his technical brilliance in the ring, even though he’s bland, expressionless, personality-less and couldn’t sell p*ssy on a troop train much less a ticket to a wrestling match.

But can’t we all agree that they’re going a little too far on Twitter, when this was headlines it was ‘Oh my God Johnny Gargano’s back!’ It was like Cena has come back full time. Or my god, here’s Steve Austin in his prime. Are they going a little a little overboard on this? I know he’s a Triple H guy. And that’s probably why he sat at home and did his daddy thing with his new baby and just waited and figured Well f*ck, Vince is older than I am. He’ll die eventually.

Johnny Gargano recently commented that he was “lost for words” by the reception he received.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.