CM Punk Shares His Opinion On Wrestler’s Court – “Insecure Small D*ck Energy Embarrassment”

CM Punk makes entrance

CM Punk has, in no uncertain terms, made his feelings known about the infamous ‘Wrestler’s Courts’ that took place during his time in WWE.

‘Wrestler’s Court’ has become infamous in the WWE Universe as wrestlers uncover more about the practice of self-policing in the locker room. Meant as a fun way to settle differences, Wrestler’s Court would issue verdicts on both on-screen talent and backstage personnel alike.

Not everyone is a fan of the practice, though, and current AEW star CM Punk made it known on Twitter that he doesn’t have time for it. In fact, he blasted Wrestler’s Court forcefully after a fan took him to task for a request that Adam Page lend him some chaps after the Punk had praised WWE Hall of Famer Barry Windham’s cowboy style earlier in the day.

After jokingly tweeting the current AEW Champion, CM Punk was landed with the tongue-in-cheek warning that he would “land himself in wrestler’s court” for stealing Hangman’s gimmick.

Punk didn’t hold back in his response to the fan, making it known that he finds Wrestler’s Court to be an embarrassment to the pro wrestling business.

“Wrestler court was the most insecure small d*ck energy average white man embarrassment to the wrestling business shit of all time.”

Interestingly, CM Punk’s response accidentally alludes to one of the most well-known cases that went to Wrestler’s Court, that of former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long who was put on trial for being a cheapskate, selling Viagra pills that he got for free.

For anyone wondering, Adam Page has brought things full circle, responding that Punk can borrow some chaps, unless “its for like a sex thing”.