CM Punk Apologises For AEW Revolution Entrance Tweet

CM Punk speaking to crowd

CM Punk has apologised for a now-deleted tweet he posted in response to a question about his throwback entrance at AEW Revolution.

On March 6th, CM Punk and MJF engaged in a vicious Dog Collar match at AEW Revolution. Both men ended up bloody messes as they threw caution to the wind in one of the most brutal bouts in the company’s history.

Before the match even began, CM Punk caused controversy by coming out to the ring with a throwback to his Ring Of Honor entrance, wearing similar gear to his time as the ‘Second City Saint’ and even using his old theme song, ‘Miseria Cantare’ by AFI. While many fans were excited by the unexpected move, others were left confused.

Even some wrestling journalists were scratching their heads, with Paul Fontaine of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter tweeting, “What am I missing with this Punk entrance?”

After the show, Punk responded sarcastically responded to the question, saying, “A deep understanding of (storytelling), A brain.” CM Punk has since deleted the reply and apologised for being “snarky” while still taking a shot at the original tweet.

“I’m sorry if I was snarky to a guy who was being shit to other people in his replies. Context is everything. None of this is important. Let’s all hug and drink Shirley temples.”

CM Punk’s tribute to his former wrestling home came only days after AEW President Tony Khan announced that he had purchased the company.

CM Punk debuted in ROH in 2002 and had a four-year run with the promotion before signing with WWE. During this time, he established himself as one of the top wrestlers in the world, winning the ROH World Championship, as well as the Tag Team Championships twice.