CJ Perry (Lana) Says She “Really Enjoyed” Being Put Through Table

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Former WWE Superstar Lana has shared how she felt about being put through a table repeatedly on television and believes that it was actually a good thing for her.

During her WWE career, CJ Perry was known as the “Ravishing Russian” Lana, who was paired with her husband Rusev (Miro in AEW) during most of her run. The couple started together in NXT, they would eventually get married when they were on the main roster and she went from being a woman dressing in business suits to an underdog wrestler.

In late 2020 during the pandemic era of WWE with no fans at the shows, Lana was repeatedly put through the commentary table by Nia Jax. They kept on doing the same spot repeatedly as the powerful Jax put Lana on her shoulders and gave Lana a Samoan Drop through the commentary table. Eventually, it led to Lana being the sole survivor during the women’s elimination match at Survivor Series 2020.

Perry’s run in WWE lasted from 2013 until her release in July 2021. She has not appeared in a major wrestling company since being released by WWE.

The former Lana is part of the cast on VH1’s “The Surreal Life” which debuts Monday, October 24th. She recently appeared on the In The Kliq podcast to talk about all those times when Nia Jax put her through the commentary table while strangely admitting that she really enjoyed it.

“Ironically, I really enjoyed it. I mean, yeah, it definitely hurt. You’re going through a commentary table, which is much thicker than a normal table. A beautiful Samoan Dragon is dropping you and landing on you. So there’s nothing that doesn’t hurt about it. But I mean, that’s why I wrestled. It is painful, but I love it. There’s nothing like it in the world.”

Perry said that going through the table on the same day that her husband did a podcast, which led to fans thinking she was being punished for it.

“It just happened to be that Miro had did a podcast that day and it released that morning, and he was asked a question of like, ‘Do you think CJ will get punished for you and what you’re saying about AEW and about the company?’, and that night, I started going through tables. It was just a coincidence. Then the fans, that’s why I love our fans, they had my back and they were like, ‘Screw WWE for punishing Lana’, so they decided to run with it. They’re like ‘Whoa, I think we can get her over as a babyface now.’ That was never originally the intention, but they just kept on going with it and running with it. I was like, cool. There’s a story here and Nia and I had great chemistry. It was very much a David Goliath story and I think people understand that type of story. So I’m very, very thankful.”

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