Chris Jericho Comments on “NXT Reject” Spoiling Eric Bischoff’s Recent Surprise AEW Appearance

Chris Jericho has been doing a “Saturday Night Special” youtube feature for the last 19 weeks. You don’t need to count the weeks because Jericho labels the shows for every week he does it. The reason he’s done it is that the world has been dealing with the Coronavirus since mid-March. Jericho isn’t afraid to speak his mind whether he’s talking about his current run in AEW as the company’s first World Champion, the ongoing feud with Orange Cassidy, his nearly 20-year run in WWE and many other topics unrelated to wrestling.

During last night’s show, Jericho said a lot of interesting things as usual and there might be another post about that, but what really caught our attention is what he said about some recent AEW spoilers that clearly upset him.

It was two weeks ago when Jericho was part of a “debate” with Orange Cassidy, who doesn’t speak much, but he did speak up that night. Anyway, the segment was taped on the prior Thursday and after it was taped, there was a spoiler out that Eric Bischoff was the special guest moderator. It’s not like AEW acknowledged it, but a lot of fans knew it before it happened.

Here’s how Jericho addressed it on his Saturday Night Special show last night with thanks to Fightful for the transcript.

ā€œSocial media is a different ball of wax, though. I think the amount of people who are on social media is very small compared to the overall people watching. For example, when we had the debate and Eric Bischoff was announced on Reddit — and we know the spy is, by the way. Oh, we know. He’ll never f**king be back in AEW. (An) NXT reject was a spy, so print that.ā€

He told us to print that, so we just did! Jericho went on to explain his mindset after that.

ā€œI was like, listen, we can announce this or we can just not announce it and don’t worry about it and see, you know, the people that know will know and maybe they’ll watch if they weren’t going to. The people that don’t know, will still be surprised. That’s exactly what happened. People were super surprised that Bischoff was there and it worked out great.ā€

Who is this person that leaked the Bischoff news? We don’t know, but clearly Chris Jericho was angry about it.

You can watch Jericho’s Saturday Night Special video below.

TJR Thoughts: I think Jericho’s anger about this is justified because there are no regular fans at these shows yet. The only people there are associated with the company or perhaps friends/family of people that work there. Leaking spoilers doesn’t help AEW. Now, I know people can say it didn’t hurt them since they got a big rating two weeks ago and that’s true. It was also a great show two weeks ago, so that’s the main reason for more viewers. Anyway, to whoever did this, it was clearly a mistake to leak the spoiler and now Chris Jericho is going to make sure you’re not invited back to AEW shows.