Bayley Compares Relationships With Vince McMahon And Triple H

Sasha Banks, Triple H and Bayley

Having recently made her return to WWE programming, Bayley has opened up on how this coincided with Triple H gaining a new position of power in the company.

Bayley made her return at SummerSlam 2022, and was not alone as she was joined by a returning Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY, who was brought up from NXT.

This event was just days after Triple H had been installed as the new Head Of Creative and Head Of Talent Relations, following the shock retirement of Vince McMahon from WWE 22nd July 2022. McMahon left in the midst of allegations of financial irregularities and sexual misconduct.

Speaking with Baby Huey of In the Kliq, Bayley has opened up on what it’s been like returning with Triple H at the helm rather than Vince McMahon, including saying that it’s like “the twilight zone” going back to her NXT days.

Like, I’ve had a great relationship with him since, you know, NXT, and he’s watched me grow. And we’ve had many conversations about everything, and how I view the business, or how I want to contribute to the business and the women’s division. So he knows me now. And it’s so easy to be able to talk to him, like I had a great relationship with Vince as well, but he kind of didn’t watch me grow up like Hunter did.

So having him there and just having him very hands on, and it feels… I was just talking to Finn Balor about this this past week, we were backstage and Hunter just walks by, he’s like, ‘Hey, guys, what’s up?’ And we just looked at looked at each other. He’s like, ‘Man, how weird is this?’ It just feels like the Twilight Zone. Like, we’re back seven years, you know, in NXT, but what Hunter is doing is just changing and revolutionizing what WWE was already, which was already an amazing show.

But it’s, I’m as excited as you guys are. It’s so cool.

On the most recent addition of Monday Night Raw, Bayley’s new Damage CTRL cohorts IOH SKY and Dakota Kai became the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions when they defeated Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.