TJR Retro: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review (JBL vs. The Undertaker “Last Ride Match”)

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For most of this year, I have been reviewing WWE PPVs from 2003 and 2004 because I picked up the reviewing duties on Flashback page and I also post the reviews on here. I took a break to do SummerSlam reviews, but I am back to continue where I left off. If you want a refresher of where things are, here is SummerSlam 2004 and here is Raw’s Unforgiven 2004 PPV.

The journey through 2004 WWE pay-per-views rolls on to No Mercy 2004. It’s a Smackdown brand show at the time when Smackdown was struggling. The second half of Smackdown in 2004 was not a great period at all in terms of attendance, TV ratings and most importantly, the storylines. Raw wasn’t much better either. In 2005 things started to get better for both shows, but the last few months of 2004 were a struggle.

I don’t remember much about this show except the cheap ending to the main event, so a lot of it will feel fresh to me. Let’s get to it.

WWE No Mercy
Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey

The opening video package focused on the main matches on the card with highlights and comments from all the key performers.

The announce team of Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show. The Spanish announcers are at ringside too.

Eddie Guerrero entered in a low rider. He’s against Luther Reigns, who has Mark Jindrak with him.

Analysis: Opening match for Eddie? That’s a shame after he was WWE Champion a few months earlier. It’s also an example of how bad the second half of 2004 was for Smackdown because Eddie was not featured enough after losing the WWE.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Luther Reigns (w/Mark Jindrak)

(Pre-match notes: Eddie was the face. Luther and Jindrak were heels associated with Kurt Angle. I don’t remember anything about this storyline if there was one.)

The fans chanted for Eddie early in the match with Guerrero in control early on as he tried to ground Reigns with wrestling holds and a dropkick to the gut. Reigns did a Gorilla Press Slam to get control. Hard whip into the corner by Reigns followed by a bearhug. Reigns remained in control with a headbutt. When Guerrero tried to break free, Reigns hit a back suplex to put him down. Guerrero charged in, Reigns ducked and Guerrero went over the top to the floor. Jindrak got in some cheap stomps on Guerrero on the floor. Reigns hit a high elbow to Guerrero and did a backbreaker in a submission move over the knee that he did for the second time. Reigns had Guerrero on his shoulder and dropped him with a hard powerslam for a two count. Guerrero countered a headlock by doing a move where he kicked off the ropes and swung back on Reigns in a reverse DDT motion. It was similar to Brian Kendrick’s finisher. Eddie did a comeback with a dropkick, two clotheslines, forearm to the face and Reigns wasn’t bumping well. Eddie went for his three vertical suplexes, but he only hit two and Reigns did a front suplex to power out of it. Eddie was on the floor, took some club or baton that was in the back of a police officer and put it in his boot. Guerrero brought a chair in the ring and dropkicked it while Reigns held it, leading to Reigns hitting Jindrak off the apron. Guerrero went for a Frog Splash, Reigns moved and both guys were out. The ref moved the chair out of the ring, so Eddie nailed Reigns in the head with a baton. Guerrero sold it like he was out while the ref didn’t see it. Guerrero went up top and hit a Frog Splash leading to the pinfall win at 13:13.

Winner by pinfall: Eddie Guerrero

Analysis: ** It was just a basic match that went a few minutes too long because it was boring there for a bit. The finish was creative with Eddie doing one of his patented “lie, cheat and steal” tactics to get the win. Reigns wasn’t good enough for Eddie to carry him. I think they did this match to see how good Reigns could do with a wrestler as good as Eddie. If a guy like Eddie can’t get a good match out of you then it’s tough for WWE to believe in Reigns or push him hard.

There was a clip of Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie brawling on Smackdown.

Dawn Marie was interviewed by Josh Mathews about Dawn saying that Charlie Haas was cheating on Jackie with her.

Dawn walked into the dressing room where Jackie was changing, so Jackie placed her hands over her boobs to cover up. Dawn told Jackie she’s not even a challenge and doesn’t measure up.

Spike Dudley was the Cruiserweight Champion that they nicknamed “The Boss” and his “brothers” the Dudley Boyz were with him.

Nunzio was the challenger and he had Johnny Stamboli with him.

Cruiserweight Championship: Spike Dudley (w/Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley) vs. Nunzio (w/Johnny The Bull)

(Pre-match notes: Spike was the heel champion and Nunzio was the face challenger.)

There wasn’t much of a reaction for anything that Nunzio did. Spike worked on the arm of Nunzio until Nunzio used his momentum to send Spike out of the ring. Nunzio hit a dive over the top to take out Spike on the floor for two. Bubba distracted the referee, so D-Von shoved Nunzio off the top rope leading to Spike taking control. Spike took him down with a legsweep and Nunzio countered into a pin attempt for two. Nunzio went for an attack off the ropes, Spike hit a dropkick and it got two. More Dudley distractions as Spike took control with a full nelson. Spike was on the turnbuckle and Nunzio slammed him down like a Powerbomb slam. Back suplex by Nunzio got a two count. Crowd was dead for most of it as Nunzio whipped Spike into the corner leading to a sternum bump from Spike. Nunzio to the middle rope and he hit a leg drop to the head called the Sicilian Slice. Spike sent Nunzio to the floor and hit a back body drop on the floor. Bubba tried an attack, but Nunzio fought him off. D-Von grabbed Nunzio’s foot. Stamboli went after D-Von. Bubba sent Nunzio groin first into the ring post. Spike covered Nunzio for the win. It went 8:44.

Winner by pinfall: Spike Dudley

Analysis: **1/4 Good effort by both guys, but the crowd didn’t care that much about it. There was a lot of interference from the Dudleys to give Spike the extremely cheap win. Finish was bad. I don’t have a lot of memories of Spike as Cruiserweight Champion, but he held the title for about five months until losing it in December.

Later in the show is JBL vs. The Undertaker in a “Last Ride Match” for the WWE Championship.

A clip aired of The Undertaker winning his first WWE Title at Survivor Series 1991.

A video package aired about Paul London vs. Billy Kidman. They were Tag Team Champions together and were an exciting team to watch. During a match, Kidman hit a Shooting Star Press on Chavo Guerrero where Kidman’s knee hit Chavo hard in the head and legitimately hurt him. That led to a storyline where Kidman was reluctant to do the move again, so it started their problems. They lost the Tag Team Titles to Renee Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki, so Kidman was called a quitter. Kidman was told by Smackdown GM Theodore Long he had to face Paul London at No Mercy and if he quits he’ll be fired. Kidman cemented his heel turn with a chair shot to the back of London.

Analysis: This was a good story even though it only happened because of Kidman botching his finishing move. That wasn’t a planned spot in a match, but they turned it into a storyline.

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

(Pre-match notes: London was the face and Kidman was the heel.)

London started with a dropkick before the match. The bell rang and London was really aggressive at the start. London was on fire hitting a clothesline followed by the dropsault dropkick that sent Kidman out of the ring. London nailed a moonsault off the middle rope over the top to the floor. Crazy move that he did perfectly. Back in, slingshot into a pin got a two count for London. Kidman took control following an eye poke and then he sent London ribs first into the ring post. Kidman worked on the ribs of London with punches. Punt kick to the ribs by Kidman got a two count. Kidman hit a gutbuster (fireman’s carry dropping the ribs onto the knee) for a two count. Kidman launched London in the air leading to Kidman landing hard on his ribs again. Another submission by Kidman working on the ribs. London broke free with forearms followed by a spin kick to the head. Kidman went for a bulldog, London broke free and hit an enziguri kick for a two count. London went for a Powerbomb, but Kidman countered into a face first slam. London fought back sending Kidman into the turnbuckle. Kidman sent London into the air and London hit a sweet hurricanrana for a two count. Kidman came back with an impressive dropkick. Kidman teased going to the top, the crowd reacted to it and Kidman walked away. Kidman went back into the ring and London hit a kick to the chest. London went up top for a Shooting Star Press, but Kidman got his knees up to block it. Kidman put London in place. The crowd reacted to Kidman going up top. Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press and connected with the knees to the ribs. Kidman covered for the win at 10:33.

Winner by pinfall: Billy Kidman

Analysis: **3/4 Good intensity in the match as it should have been because it was more of a personal rivalry between former partners. I liked the ongoing story of the match with Kidman working on the ribs for the entire match and it played into the finish with the SSP that hit London in the ribs. London also sold really well, which was a strength of his. I thought the match was hurt by the lack of excitement with London only doing one exciting move to the floor. These guys are cruiserweights. I know it was supposed to be a personal rivalry and not a typical cruisers match, but it would have helped if they did more exciting stuff.

Post match, London was bleeding from the mouth and split up blood. Kidman did a promo saying that the people made him do that. Doctors tended to London in the ring. Kidman said the fans made him do it.

Kidman went to top rope again, the doctors and referee moved, so Kidman hit a Shooting Star Press on London again. Kidman had a crazed look in his eyes as he left. London was wheeled away on a stretcher with blood coming out of his mouth.

Analysis: This was a good midcard angle that got Kidman some serious heat. It didn’t end up getting very far, but at least in the short term it was a story that was easy to follow.

A video aired showing The Undertaker winning the WWE Title for the second time at WrestleMania 13 when he beat Sycho Sid for the title in a bad match.

The WWE Champion JBL was interviewed by Josh Mathews in the locker room. JBL did a promo complaining about how this show is biased towards The Undertaker. JBL said he’s guaranteed victory in every title match he’s had, but in this case he just guaranteed that the only way for Undertaker to take the title is to do it over JBL’s dead body.

Renee Dupree with his dog Fifi and Kenzo Suzuki with his wife Hiroko were out next. They were the WWE Tag Team Champions. Dupree did a promo in French. Hiroko said Kenzo had something important to say. Kenzo badly sang “Born in the USA” to get more heat.

Analysis: The foreign heels were running wild in WWE in 2004. This was bad and not a great time for the tag team division in WWE.

Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio made their entrances separately as the babyface partners.

WWE Tag Team Championships: Renee Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki (w/Hiroko) vs. Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio

(Pre-match notes: Dupree and Suzuki were the heel champions. Hiroko was Suzuki’s wife. Mysterio and Van Dam were the faces. Dupree was only 20 years old at the time of the match.)

Dupree and Van Dam did a spot early in the match where each man was missing elbow drops as the other man moved out of the way. Mysterio tagged in and hit a nice dropkick on Dupree. Suzuki tagged in against Mysterio, Suzuki was not in the ring spot and backed his way into the corner for a Mysterio dropkick. Mysterio sent Dupree to the floor, so Van Dam and Mysterio hit somersault dives over the top to take out the heels. Van Damn hit a clothesline on Suzuki followed by a spin kick. RVD to the top, but Dupree shoved him to the floor because referee Jimmy Korderas wasn’t looking. Suzuki worked over Van Dam with a body slam followed a knee to the throat. Dupree hit a Mr. Perfect-like neck snap on RVD as the heels continued to work over RVD. Suzuki back in with a knee drop with Mysterio making the save. Van Dam broke free with a kick to Suzuki’s face. Mysterio got the tag against Suzuki with a springboard headbutt, kick to the ribs and a sweet leaping DDT on Suzuki for two as Dupree made the save. Mysterio hit a seated senton off the ropes for a two count. Mysterio tripped up Kenzo and Dupree prevented a 619. Van Dam in to slam Mysterio onto Dupree and RVD hit the rolling thunder on Dupree. Mysterio connected with the 619 on Suzuki. Mysterio went for the springboard attack, but Dupree tripped up Mysterio. RVD took out Dupree on the floor. Suzuki rolled up Mysterio and sat on top for the pinfall win at 9:09.

Winners by pinfall: Renee Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki

Analysis: **1/4 It was an okay match with the faces doing what they could to put over the heels. It was well on their way to being a three star match, but Kenzo was so sloppy in there and I didn’t like the finish at all. It was weak. The problem with the match is the heels were not that good in the ring and they had problems getting serious heat. Mysterio and Van Dam were an exciting face team that had nothing going on in singles, so it was smart to team them. Another bad finish to a match similar to the cruiserweight title match.

I had no memory of when Dupree and Suzuki lost the titles, so I checked and it was to Mysterio & RVD on the December 7, 2004 of Smackdown. It was a three-month run for Dupree and Suzuki as Tag Champs.

A video aired about Kurt Angle vs. Big Show. Angle was the heel and he humiliated Show during an angle on Smackdown where Angle shot Show with a tranquilizer dart and after it knocked out Show, Angle shaved Show’s head. If you were watching WWE at the time then you probably remember this awesome visual. Smackdown GM Teddy Long announced that if anybody interferes to help Angle, they will be fired.

Kurt Angle entered first. Angle was in amazing physical shape at this point. Looked as jacked as ever.

Big Show with the bald head was new at this point, but obviously we have gotten used to it.

Kurt Angle vs. Big Show

(Pre-match notes: Angle was the heel and Show was the face.)

The early story of the match was about Show being angry and dominating the action. Show did a Gorilla Press slam that caused Angle to leave the ring. Angle teased walking away. The referee counted Angle out of the ring for a ten count.

Teddy Long, Smackdown’s General Manager, told Angle that if he quits on this match then he’ll never wrestle on Smackdown again. Long said there will be a decisive winner here tonight and he restarted this match.

Analysis: I don’t mind angles like that because Kurt was the cowardly heel and Show was the face seeking revenge, so it fit their characters.

Angle got back in the ring as the match restarted and Show nailed him with a headbutt followed by a hard chop to the chest. Show tossed Angle across the ring with a hip toss followed by a hard whip into the turnbuckle causing Angle to bump to the floor. Angle grabbed a chair outside the ring, so Show punched the chair into Angle’s face to knock him down. Back elbow by Angle on Show stunned him a bit, but Show caught him with a body slam. Show wanted a Chokeslam only for Angle to roll through with an Ankle Lock. Show fought it off and kicked Angle away leading to Angle bumping into ref Brian Hebner. Angle grabbed a steel chair and hit Show in the back of the left knee. Angle hit Show on the left knee with the chair. Angle pulled on the left leg of Show and applied a leg scissors against the apron as the ref returned to the match. Show started his comeback with a boot to the face. Show went for a kick, Angle moved and Show was crotched on the top rope. Angle hit the Angle Slam and Show got his right shoulder up. Angle went under the ring and grabbed the tranquilizer gun from under the ring. Show pulled it out of his hands and broke the gun over his leg. Angle threw punches, but Show no-sold them. Show picked up Angle in a Powerbomb position and tossed him backwards. Show picked up Angle, put him to the top rope and spun him around with a Chokeslam off the top rope for the pinfall win at the 15:07 mark.

Winner by pinfall: Big Show

Analysis: *** That was pretty good with Angle working on the leg for most of it, Show sold it well and the finish was very well done. Angle was in his prime as the best wrestler in the company and could get a solid match out of anybody. Show wasn’t as good here as he would become later in his career, but he did well as the giant that was chopped down and later made the big comeback to find a way to win. Great performance by Angle, who helped carry Show to a solid match.

Post match, Show limped away as the victor of the match.

There was a commercial for the Eddie Guerrero story DVD. I remember buying it the day it came out.

There was shot of Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak helping Kurt Angle to the top. That’s not always done, so it put over Big Show in a strong way.

A video package aired about Booker T vs. John Cena in Match 5 of their Best of 5 series for the US Title. John Cena was unfairly stripped of the US Title from then GM Kurt Angle. Booker won an eight man match for the US Title that was set up by new GM Teddy Long. The first match was at SummerSlam 2004 with Cena getting the first win, Booker got the next two and Cena won the fourth match.

Booker T, the United States Champion, entered first.

John Cena wore a Julius Erving jersey from the Nets days to suck up to the New Jersey crowd.

United States Championship Best of 5 Match #5 (Series 2-2): Booker T vs. John Cena

(Pre-match notes: Booker was the heel champion and Cena was the face challenger that was the former champion.)

The reactions for both guys were okay, but not nearly what it would be for Cena. There was a light “let’s go Cena” chant early on. Cena got a boot to the face followed by a clothesline. Booker came back with a spinebuster for two. Booker took the fight to the floor by sending Cena into the steel steps and then Cena whipped Booker in to the steps. Back in the ring, Booker with a shoulder to the midsection and he sent Cena into the top rope. Booker with a superkick to the face for two. Cena did a cross body block leading to a nearfall for two. Booker came back with a suplex for two. Cena got some momentum with a Fisherman’s Suplex, but Booker came back with a flapjack for two as Cena got his hand on the bottom rope. Booker missed an axe kick because Cena moved and Booker was crotched when he hit the top rope. Cena got going with a clothesline followed by a leaping shoulder tackle and a bulldog. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fist drop for a two count. Cena pumped up the Reebok Pump shoes he was wearing and Booker came back with a Book End slam for a two count as Cena got his left shoulder up. Booker left the ring to grab a steel chair and the ref told him he’ll be disqualified, so Booker dropped the chair. Booker missed a Scissors Kick leading to a two count from Cena. Booker with a kick to the gut, Cena drove Booker into the turnbuckle and Cena hit the FU (later known as the Attitude Adjustment) for the pinfall win at 10:32.

Winner and New US Champion: John Cena

Analysis: **1/4 The match was okay. Nothing special. What was notable was how little Cena played to the crowd. He got much better at playing off the fans in the years that followed. They didn’t tell much of a story in the match with the heel Booker just hitting a series of moves rather than working on a body part. Cena’s offense definitely got better over they ears. You could tell he was still early in his careers with only about two years of experience on the main roster by this point.

Post match, Cena signed the Dr. J New Jersey Nets jersey and tossed it into the crowd. Cena walked away with the US Title.

Analysis: Cena’s title reign only lasted two days because he lost the title at the next Smackdown taping to a debuting Carlito. Cena also filmed his first movie, The Marine, shortly after that.

They showed a clip of The Undertaker winning the WWE Title for the third time at Over the Edge 1999. Very cheap win over Steve Austin in a match that took place after Owen Hart died.

The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray & D-Von) & Dawn Marie vs. Rico, Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie

(Pre-match notes: The Dudleys and Dawn were the heels while Rico, Haas and Jackie were the faces. The story was that Dawn claimed that Charlie was cheating on Jackie with her.)

The guys started the match, but then Jackie ripped off Dawn’s shirt that said Charlie loves Dawn Marie. Jackie choked Dawn Marie with her shirt. Dawn was wrestling in her bra for the rest of the match. When Dawn sent Jackie into the ropes, Bubba grabbed Jackie by the hair to take her down. Bubba teased a kiss, so Jackie tagged out and Rico went into the ring for a kiss to Rico. Bubba freaked out about it. Everybody laughed. The crowd loved it. Bubba drank water and teased throwing up. The announcers were laughing about it a lot. Bubba tagged in D-Von and walked to the back. Rico with a spin kick on D-Von followed by a back kick. Rico up top, but Bubba came back to trip him up without the ref seeing it. That led to the heels working over Rico for a few minutes. Rico hit a DDT on Bubba as both guys were down for a bit leading up to the tag. Haas got the hot tag to no reaction against D-Von with a back body drop and a dropkick to Bubba. Overhead suplex by Haas on Bubba. Haas hit a German Suplex on Bubba, so D-Von hit Haas from behind with a forearm. Rico tagged in with a cross body off the top for two as Dawn made the save and Jackie went after her as the crowd went wild. Dawn dumped Jackie out of the ring. Bubba and D-Von teased their Wassup Drop, Rico wanted it and D-Von wouldn’t do it. The story is that Rico was gay, so he would have liked it, so it was a bit of comedy. Rico with a thrust kick to Bubba and Rico tossed Dawn into Jackie, who hit Dawn with a Spear. Haas hit a double axe on D-Von off the top. Rico hit a moonsault off the top onto D-Von leading to the pinfall win for the faces at 8:44.

Winners by pinfall: Rico, Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie

Analysis: *1/2 It was a silly tag match with a few comedy spots involving Rico that drew some laughs. Rico was really entertaining in this role and I wish he got more of a chance because he was a skilled performer. The problem is WWE just never booked him that seriously. The Dudleys were just in a supporting role here because it was about the others in the match. The storyline with Charlie, Jackie and Dawn was silly, but at least it gave them something to do.

There was a clip of The Undertaker winning the WWE Title for the fourth time at Judgment Day 2002 when he beat Hulk Hogan to win the title.

A video package aired to set up JBL vs. The Undertaker for the WWE Title. Back at SummerSlam 2004, JBL held onto the title and Undertaker gave JBL a Chokeslam through the limo. Long told JBL he had to face Undertaker in a Last Ride Match where you win by putting the opponent in a hearse. The story also was that Undertaker also beat up guys like Viscera, Gangrel and Orlando Jordan that helped JBL in the lead up to this match, so JBL was on his own…or so we thought.

Ring announcer Tony Chimel talked about the rules for the Last Ride Match noting that the only way to win was to put your opponent in the hearse and have the hearse drive out of the arena for the “Last Ride” of the loser. A hearse is a car used for funerals.

John Bradshaw Layfield, the WWE Champion, made his entrance first walking to the ring rather than being driven in a limo because the hearse was in the spot where the limo usually goes. There wasn’t much of a reaction for JBL’s entrance.

The Undertaker made his entrance to a big ovation with Cole saying Undertaker may be the greatest superstar in WWE history.

Analysis: I don’t recall who I predicted to win this match, but I remember picking JBL to lose the title often because I was so bored of him as WWE Champion.

WWE Championship Last Ride Match: John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Undertaker

(Pre-match notes: JBL was the heel champion and Undertaker was the face.)

Undertaker was in control in the first few minutes with punches, kicks and the old school punch off the ropes. Boot to the face by Undertaker followed by a missed elbow drop. JBL hit a thumb to the eye. Undertaker came back with a Chokeslam. Undertaker hit a leg drop on JBL while he was on the apron to knock JBL out of the ring. Undertaker sent JBL back first into the barricade. Undertaker sent JBL shoulder first into the steel steps at ringside. Taker cleared off the Spanish announce table and while he did that, JBL nailed Taker in the head with the steel steps. JBL took control with punches and a big boot while outside the ring. JBL hit Taker in the head with the steps by the railing, but it was really just hitting the railing and not coming close to the head. They went back into the ring where JBL went up top leading to a shoulder tackle off the top to knock Taker down. Swinging neckbreaker by JBL. Undertaker slapped on a triangle choke submission and JBL tapped out, which was not a way for this match to end. JBL passed out in the hold, so Taker let go. They went out of the ring where JBL whipped Taker into the steps leading to Taker taking that bump right on the knees. Ouch. Bradshaw went for a move on the steel steps, so Undertaker did a back body drop on the floor to break free. Big bump by JBL there. Taker sent Bradshaw into the crowd with a clothesline. Taker remained in control for a bit after that. Taker gave JBL a Tombstone Piledriver on the steel steps. That’s a big bump to take, so JBL came up bleeding. How would he bleed from the forehead because of that Tombstone? Maybe on the top of the head in the storyline, but he’s bleeding from the forehead. Doing a blade job was common in this era, but off a spot like that it looked weird.

Undertaker sent JBL over the announce table. JBL came back with a chair shot to the head. Taker got his hand up to block, but it was still nasty. Bradshaw cleared off the English announce table. JBL went for a chair attack on the announce tables. Undertaker fought back with a Chokeslam off the English announce table and onto the Spanish announce table. The crowd came alive for that (they were quiet for most of it) with a “holy shit” chant. Taker put JBL on his shoulders and carried him up the aisle way over to the hearse. The door of the hearse opened and John Heidenreich emerged from it in his wrestling gear. Heidenreich grabbed some towel and rubbed it on Undertaker’s face. The idea was it was chloroform or something like that. Undertaker fought out of the hearse, but JBL came back with a Clothesline From Hell on Undertaker. JBL and Heidy tossed Undertaker into the hearse. The bell rang as the hearse pulled away at the 20:01 mark.

Winner by placing opponent in the hearse: John Bradshaw Layfield

Analysis: **1/4 It was a physical match and also a boring match that went too long with a cheap finish, which was common in Undertaker losses since he didn’t lose clean that often. JBL was also a cheap champion that found ways to hold onto the title. Undertaker controlled the majority of the match, which is why they did a cheap finish with Heidenreich costing him the win. I thought JBL sold the beating well for the most part, but it was a slow, methodical beating that wasn’t exciting at any time except for the Chokeslam through the table and Tombstone on the steel steps. The match needed to be more than that, though. It just like felt like they gave Undertaker all that offense so he could look strong before the loss, which again is a common way of booking him.

Post match, JBL celebrated with the WWE Title. JBL said that he was unbeatable, he was immortal and he’s the greatest champion of all-time. JBL advised: “Never bet against JBL.”

The hearse was shown in the parking lot and Paul Heyman left it as the driver. Heidenreich got into a truck in the parking lot and he drove it at full speed into the hearse.

The show signed off with Heidenreich and Heyman leaving while the truck was up against the limo.

Analysis: I had forgotten the truck into the hearse spot. It led to a series of Undertaker vs. Heidenreich matches that were never good because Heidy was one of the worst workers in WWE history. When people talk about “Paul Heyman Guys” they tend to forget about Heidenreich for a reason. He was terrible.

This event has a run time of 2 hours, 42 minutes on WWE Network.


Show Rating (out of 10): 4.5

Best Match: Kurt Angle vs. Big Show (*** out of 5)

Worst Match: The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray & D-Von) & Dawn Marie vs. Rico, Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie (*1/2)


1. Kurt Angle

2. Big Show

3. Billy Kidman

4. Paul London

5. (tie) The Undertaker

5. (tie) John Bradshaw Layfield

There wasn’t anything that was terrible on the show, but it also lacked memorable moments too. That’s why I give it a 4.5/10 score because the best match was at three stars, which isn’t really that impressive for the best match. As I noted earlier, it wasn’t a hot period for the Smackdown brand. Watching this show will remind you why.

If you’ve never watched it, you really aren’t missing much.

Next up: Taboo Tuesday 2004. I watched it live back in the day and never reviewed it.

Thanks for reading.

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