The John Report: WWE NXT 04/27/21 Review

Welcome to the WWE NXT review here on TJRWrestling. This is the third Tuesday episode, so I have definitely gotten used to it by now. They didn’t advertise any major title matches, but it looks like a solid lineup as usual.

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The NXT intro video aired to begin the show. The crowd at the CWC welcomed us with the “NXT” chants. Dakota Kai made her entrance with NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez joining her. Mercedes Martinez entered as the opponent. The announce team was Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix as usual.

Dakota Kai (w/Raquel Gonzalez) vs. Mercedes Martinez

They are both heels. The Make A Wish logo was clearly visible on the main shot of the ring. Kai took down Martinez with a leg scissors around the throat and Martinez came back with punches to the face. They messed up a spot with Kai trying a leapfrog, but then she didn’t get high enough so Martinez got a takedown. They picked right up with Martinez getting two clotheslines and a spinebuster. Kai countered a Martinez move and hit a DDT. Kai sent Martinez into the turnbuckle followed by a running kick to the head for two. Martinez with strikes and then Kai with a lift into a backbreaker for two. Kai with an armbar, Martinez with an inside cradle and Kai with a pump kick to the face. Martinez avoided a running kick by Kai, so Martinez worked over Kai with forearms. Martinez went for a suplex off the ropes, Kai with elbows and Martinez hit a spinning slam off the shoulders for a two count. Kai with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle and this time Kai connected with a running kick to the head.


The match continued with Martinez tackling Kai into the ring apron. Kai with a double knee to the face for a two count. They did a spot where Kai ran the ropes and then Martinez hit a spinning elbow to the jaw. Martinez with three double-underhook suplexes in a row. Martinez pulled down on the left arm of Kai to keep working on the left arm. When Kai was on the floor, Gonzalez stepped in front of her and then Kai went back into the ring while Martinez punched Gonzalez. Back in the ring, Martinez blocked a kick and knocked Kai down. That led to Gonzalez going into the ring and kicking Martinez for the DQ finish. It went about 12 minutes.

Winner by disqualification: Mercedes Martinez

Analysis: **3/4 They were on their way to having a very good match before the DQ finish. I figured Martinez would win by pinfall since NXT doesn’t book disqualification finishes that often or at least as much as we see on Raw or Smackdown. Kai did a nice job of selling most of the match and then hitting big moves when needed. I think they should have had Martinez win by pinfall instead of DQ, but I get why they did it this way to get heat on Gonzalez for the cheap attack.

Post match, Gonzalez was trash-talking Martinez on the floor and then Gonzalez threw Martinez into the barricade. Gonzalez whipped Martinez into the ring post as well followed by some Spanish trash talking. Gonzalez drove launched Martinez like a lawn dart into the barricade again. That was it.

Analysis: That could be a way to turn Martinez into a face because she’s been booked as a tough heel that usually does the cheap attacks. Since Gonzalez did the attack here, it makes Martinez more sympathetic whenever they face off again. (We found out later that Gonzalez/Martinez match is in two weeks.)

The NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell, who noted they defend the titles next week against Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. Blackheart said that they aren’t looking past the Robert Stone Brand. Ember Moon said that they aren’t letting go of those titles any time soon. There were flowers delivered to Moon and Blackheart. Franky Monet showed up with her dog, read the card and said it was from Dexter Lumis. Moon and Blackheart argued over the flowers with neither woman wanting them.

Analysis: I was hoping we would get another Franky interaction with Io Shirai, but no sign of Io this week.


Cameron Grimes was shown in a jewelry store wearing a jacket without a shirt on. Grimes said he was there to buy something for himself. Grimes wanted an expensive watch. To be continued later.

The Grizzled Young Veterans duo Zack Gibson and James Drake were in the ring. Drake complained that MSK is in the main event in a six-man tag, which shows they will compete in any match except in a match against GYV. Gibson ripped MSK by calling them “knobheads” and said that the men make the titles. Gibson said that they are soon to be recognized as the next NXT Tag Team Champions.

Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher showed up for the interruption. Ciampa said he’s been listening while noticing there are similarities since they are grizzled and veterans. Ciampa said that “Toothless Timmy” and himself know about being leaders. Ciampa said that they want to be the next NXT Tag Team Champions. Ciampa said that the last time they were in a match, GYV found a way and Thatcher took some notes. Thatcher said that GYV had a lot of strengths, but then he pointed out NXT UK Takeover Cardiff. Thatcher mentioned a chant “shoes off if you hate Gibson” repeatedly so Ciampa hit Gibson with a boot to the head. Ciampa and Thatcher sent GYV out of the ring and the heels retreated.

Analysis: That should set up a tag team match. Gibson’s promo delivery is always entertaining to me. I love the way he speaks emphatically about certain words especially when he says “soon” in a unique way. Ciampa is one of the better talkers in NXT, so it made sense that he did the talking for his team. I like both teams a lot, so that’s fine with me. There were times last year when the NXT men’s tag team division wasn’t that strong, but things have improved a lot over the last six months.

Killian Dain and Drake Maverick were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. Dain told Drake that he asked for the match the same way that Drake usually asks for matches. Drake said that Dain was going to turn on him and join Imperium. Dain said in the immortal words of a great man: “You gotta have faith.” Maverick was stunned that he quoted George Michael.

There was a video with Xia Li, Tian Sha and Boa. Xia Li spoke in Chinese. That led to a break.


There was a video about WWE working with Make A Wish to help bring hope for wish kids this year. Go to for more info.

There was a video with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in his studio. Swerve said he was proud of Leon Ruff because he didn’t think Leon had it in him to attack Ruff in the locker room area. Swerve proposed a Falls Count Anywhere match. A graphic let us know that match is taking place next week.

Analysis: They have done a nice job of building up the rivalry between Ruff and Scott. I think a Falls Count Anywhere Match makes sense as a feud ender for them.

Toni Storm made her entrance for a match saying Zoey Stark owes her a thank you. Storm claimed she made Stark famous at Takeover. Storm said when history is written, Stark will be a footnote in Toni’s legendary career. Storm claimed her next chapter reads “Toni Storm ends Zoey Stark.” Storm said that every time she slaps this rookie, she’ll imagine it is Stark.

Toni Storm vs. Zayda Ramier

Storm with a running kick. Storm with a whip into the ropes leading to another kick to the head. Storm launched Ramier across the ring two times in a row. Storm with a running clothesline while Ramier was sitting against the ropes. Storm delivered a backbreaker and then stretched Ramier across her leg. Storm with an uppercut that knocked down Ramier. There was some offense from Ramier with a kick followed by punches to the body. Storm ducked two kicks and Storm hit a release German Suplex. Storm hit a running uppercut against the turnbuckle, and then a running hip attack against the turnbuckle. Storm teased going for her Storm Zero finish and then she put Ramier on the top rope. Zoey Stark showed up at ringside, Storm was distracted and then Ramier punched Storm off the turnbuckle. Ramier jumped off the top and hit a Shooting Star Press on Storm for the pinfall win after four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Zayda Ramier

Analysis: *1/2 A surprising result for a match that was looking like it would be a squash match for Storm until she refused to hit her finisher. Storm lost because of Stark appearing while Ramier hit that impressive Shooting Star Press. When Ramier jumped off the ropes I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to hit the move because Storm was far away, but Ramier managed to nail it as she intended. It looked impressive.

Ramier celebrated the win with the announcers putting it over as a big upset, which it was. Storm was angry about the loss.

Analysis: They did a nice job of putting this over as an upset similar to Leon Ruff getting some wins last year. Storm did a really good job with her performance in all of this.

The Legado del Fantasma trio were shown in their suits talking about their match tonight. Santos Escobar spoke about how in the main event of the evening, they will make a statement. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza said that they are going to win the Tag Team Title soon as well. That match is coming up hater.

Bronson Reed was shown walking backstage where he stared at NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano and Johnny’s wife Candice LeRae. Reed walked towards the ring while Austin Theory told Johnny and Candice his match is next.


LA Knight was interviewed backstage by Mckenzie Mitchell with Knight claiming that everybody was talking about him getting the win over Dexter Lumis. Knight said that Indi Hartwell had a twinkle in her eye looking at LA Knight. That led to Knight saying that was a fact of life, which is one of his catchphrases.

Ever-Rise (rules) walked into the interview area asking if Mckenzie had a question about their talk show, she said no she doesn’t and that was it. Poor Ever-Rise.

Austin Theory entered with his fellow members of The Way including NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell, who was all sad about the Dexter Lumis situation.

Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory (w/Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell)

If Reed wins then he will earn an NXT North American Championship match against Johnny Gargano.

Reed used his power early with a shoulder tackle that sent Theory out of the ring. Theory ran the ropes, jumped up and Reed knocked Theory down again. Reed did a running hip attack on Theory against the ring apron and a running shoulder tackle to knock Theory down. When Theory got back in the ring, Theory rolled through and hit a dropkick. Theory sent Reed over the top to the floor where Gargano hit a superkick (the referee was distracted by Theory) and Theory did a slingshot dive over the top onto Reed on the floor. Reed charged, Theory moved and Reed went running into the steel steps.


The match continued with Theory delivering a knee to the left side of the ribs since Reed was selling an injury there. Reed avoided an elbow drop. Theory to the apron, then he jumped back in and Reed caught him with a press slam. Reed with forearms to the head along with a running body attack. Reed with a corner splash and a spinning Chokeslam followed by a senton splash for a two count. Theory with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle and Theory hit an impressive blockbuster neckbreaker for a two count. Theory tried to lift Reed up, that failed and Reed came back with a Samoan Drop for two. Theory avoided a slam, Theory with a superkick and then Reed hit a suplex leading to both men staying down on the mat. That led to Dexter Lumis slowly walking down towards the ring with Gargano pulling Candie away from him. Hartwell walked away from Lumis as well since she thought Lumis gave flowers to Moon/Blackheart earlier. Hartwell went into the ring, Reed sent Theory into Lumis on the apron and Reed with a forearm to Gargano along with a clothesline to theory. Reed went up top and hit the Tsunami splash for the pinfall win after about 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Bronson Reed

Analysis: *** This was pretty good with Reed picking up a much-needed win to set up a North American Title match. Theory is usually used as the guy that a babyface wrestler beats on the way to facing Gargano, so it was no different here. I thought they could have had Theory get some more nearfalls in the match to make it seem like he had a shot to win. It probably went a few minutes too long considering the type of match it was. Reed looked impressive in picking up the win.

Post match, Reed pointed at Gargano and was excited about his future NXT North American Title match.

The NXT Tag Team Champions MSK and Cruiserweight Champion Kushida talked about their main event. MSK thanked Kushida for helping them since they have been in NXT. Kushida said they want to show everyone why they are champions. Kushida said that together they are MS-Kushida.


The NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell were in the hallway. Candice said that Ember/Shotzi were playing mind games with them, so Indi left.

They showed Finn Balor posting photos on Instagram with his wife. He was on vacation in Mexico and next week he’s back on NXT.

The Imperium trio of Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner and Alexander Wolfe were in the ring for a match. That led to Killian Dain and Drake Maverick making their entrance with Drake looking worried that Dain was going to turn on him.

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) w/Alexander Wolfe vs. Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

Dain blocked a body slam attempt with a forearm to the back, Aichner ran the ropes and Dain hit a running cross body block. Barthel got the tag, Dain slammed Barthel off his back and Dain hit a clothesline to knock Barthel out of the ring. Dain with a body slam on Barthel and he gave legal man Maverick a hip toss onto Barthel. Maverick with a running dropkick to the knee and a dropkick to the head. Maverick countered a move by Barthel into a hurricanrana. When Maverick went up top, Barthel grabbed the arm and slammed Maverick down. Aichner hit a running dropkick while Maverick was against the ropes. The show went to break with Maverick as the face in peril.


The match returned with the heels still in control of Maverick. When Drake tried to break free, Barthel knocked Dain off the apron and Barthel hit a backbreaker on Maverick. Drake got a kick to the head, but then Barthel caught him with a body slam. Dain gave Barthel a back body drop over the top to the floor. Maverick broke free of Aichner, but Barthel was there to take Dain off the apron again. Aichner with a running kick to the back of the head of Maverick. Dain was frustrated, so he went into the ring with clotheslines, a corner splash on Aichner and Dain tossed Barthel out of the ring. Dain left the ring with Barthel kicking Dain in the head. Wolfe had a steel chair, Barthel distracted the referee and Wolfe didn’t hit Dain. Barthel yelled at Wolfe about that, so Maverick hit a suicide dive on Barthel. Dain tossed Maverick onto Aichner in the ring. Dain lifted up Barthel, but then Barthel shoved Dain into the ring post. Drake with a boot to the face, then a cross body block off the top, but Aichner rolled through with Maverick in his arms since Aichner is a power guy. Barthel was back into the ring with an uppercut off the ropes into a powerbomb by Barthel and Barthel pinned Maverick to win after 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner)

Analysis: ***1/4 I liked the story of this match and the teases of everything going on outside the ring. Most Maverick/Dain matches have the same formula with Drake as the face in peril to build up to Dain getting the hot tag, so they went away from that a bit because Dain was unable to get the hot tag. Imperium works so well as a team, plus there was Wolfe outside the ring who didn’t want to do a cheap attack on Dain and that led to Barthel shoving Dain into the ring post to take him out. It was booked well in terms of putting over Imperium as a smart heel team.

Imperium left as the winners and posed on the stage. Barthel was frustrated about Wolfe not using the steel chair on Dain. Meanwhile, Dain checked on Maverick in the ring.

Pete Dunne did a backstage promo saying he is the toughest matchup there is. Dunne said that he beat Kushida, or maybe he could jump on a flight and take back Walter’s title that he made famous. Dunne said when Johnny Gargano stepped to him, they both know the way it goes…Bitter End. Dunne said that Karrion Kross doesn’t scare him and he’s the baddest man in NXT. Dunne: “Try to prove me wrong. I dare ya.”

Analysis: The “prove me wrong” phrase reminds me of what Chris Benoit used to say during his WWE run. Dunne is a similar type of character and wrestler that Benoit was, so I think it works for him. Obviously, we don’t want anybody to be what Benoit was in the last days of his life. I’m just saying as a character, it feels similar.


There was another scene with Cameron Grimes looking for watches. Grimes said it’s perfect for him and he’ll wear it out. Somebody walked up to him saying it’s not a bad watch, but it’s not a million dollar watch. It was the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, who laughed at him. Grimes: “That damn Ted Dibiase!” Dibiase left.

Analysis: That was fun. They have been building to a Grimes/Dibiase moment and it did not disappoint. Everybody has a price!

Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon entered for a match against the Robert Stone Brand’s Aliyah & Jessi Kamea, who were already in the ring. Before the match could begin, Ember and Shotzi were given some more gifts, but then Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell showed up for an attack. Candice and Indi attacked with a fruit basket and some cupcakes to the face. Indi broke a flower vase over Shotzi’s head. Back in the ring, Stone and the girls were celebrating with the titles thinking they won the titles. The referee told them they didn’t win the titles.

Analysis: That was a chaotic scene with no match. It continued the rivalry with Candice/Indi going after the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. The gifts were just a ploy by the heels to get in the cheap attack on Ember/Shotzi and it worked. It adds more intrigue to their NXT Women’s Tag Team Title match.

Adam Cole Interview

Adam Cole was interviewed somewhere by a pool earlier in the day by sports report Arash Markazi. Cole was on the phone saying he’ll call the person back later. Cole said that he has felt better, but also felt worse. Cole said that when you look at his 403-day NXT Championship reign, at the peak of that run, he had a broken wrist and he’s still better than the entire roster. Cole was asked if he made a mistake to turn on his brothers. Cole said he doesn’t make mistakes, he makes decisions and he didn’t want to carry Undisputed Era anymore. Cole said he was carrying NXT on his back for four years and his friends forgot what Undisputed Era was about, so they turned their backs on him. Arash asked if Kyle was the new face of NXT. Cole said that Kyle will hear people say he’s ready for the main event spot, but he is not. Cole said he knows Kyle is not sure if he is ready to be in the main event and to be the NXT Champion. Cole said that Kyle feels those insecurities because it’s very real and only time will tell if Kyle is ready for a spot, but as long as Cole is in NXT, Kyle will not take Cole’s spot. Cole said that the NXT Championship picture is one of the most competitive divisions on the planet. Cole said that Kross is good, but he doesn’t know if he’s great yet. Cole wondered if Kross is not ready and he has not had to deal with Cole yet. If Cole decides that Kross is ready for the NXT Championship, the clock is ticking. Arash asked Cole what was next, Cole said that is none of your business and he’s sick of people thinking that Kyle has replaced him. Cole said that no matter where he goes or ends up, you will see the best damn Adam Cole that anybody has ever seen. Cole complained about sitting out in this damn heat. Cole whined about how Markazi conducted the interview.

There was a shot in the arena showing that Kyle O’Reilly was watching the interview and just shaking his head.

Analysis: Great job by Cole putting over himself throughout the interview. That’s the way a top heel should do an interview like that. I liked the part about Cole saying that even though he lost to Kyle, he isn’t sure if Kyle is ready for that top spot. I wonder how long Cole is going to be in NXT because the four-year run has been great, but I’d love to see what he can do on Raw or Smackdown against some different opponents. Markazi is a legitimate sports reporter that has interviewed some of the top athletes around the world. I don’t think NXT necessarily needs him although I know he’s a legit wrestling fan and offers some credibility on the show since he’s not from the wrestling world.

There was some training video that ended with a logo that said “Diamond Mine” on it.

Analysis: There are some people that thought this might mean Tessa Blanchard is coming to NXT since she has used the “diamond” term in the past. I don’t know if that’s happening. The video featured men and women training in a gym. I don’t know what it’s for. I’m sure the wrestling detectives on Reddit/Twitter will examine every image in the video to try to figure it out.


Next week on NXT:

* Women’ Tag Team Championship Street Fight: Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon (c) vs. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell

* Falls Count Anywhere Match: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Leon Ruff

During the main event, they also announced Raquel Gonzalez defending the NXT Women’s Championship against Mercedes Martinez in two weeks.

Analysis: Both matches have been built up well. They are similar in terms of rules because you can brawl around the arena in those kinds of matches although in a Street Fight the pin is in the ring while Falls Count Anywhere is obviously a match that can end anywhere. I think Blackheart/Moon will retain and I want Scott to get the win over Ruff. I think Scott needs it more to solidify his heel turn.

It was main event time as the Legado del Fantasma trio of Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza stood in the ring as the heels in the match. The NXT Tag Team Champions MSK were up next followed by the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida.

Kushida & MSK (Wes Lee & Nash Carter) vs. Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza)

Kushida with a wrist lock on Wilde, then a head whip into the mat and Kushida brought in Carter with a senton splash. Lee tagged in with a splash off the top, but then Wilde hit a jawbreaker. The Legado boys hit a double team spinebuster and a double dropkick with Mendoza getting a two count. Wilde was back in and he was greeted by a dropkick from Lee. Carter tagged in, double team kicks and a double foot stomp to the back. Kushida tagged in with a running dropkick on Wilde. Kushida with a handspring using his feet to knock Wilde off the apron to the floor. The faces were in control in the ring while the heels were on the floor.


The heels were in control with Escobar working over Carter with an armbar. Mendoza drove Carter’s left arm into the turnbuckle. Wilde was back in with Carter getting an inside cradle for two and then Wilde drove the left arm into the mat. Mendoza was back in with some kicks and he kicked the left arm of Carter. Wilde was back in with a suplex. Carter broke free from Escobar with Kushida getting the hot tag. Kushida was on fire with a dropkick to Wilde and a running armbar to Escobar. Kushida kicked Wilde in the left arm. MSK did quick tags with Lee tossing Carter onto Wilde with an SSP. Love that spot. Kushida opened up the ropes as MSK hit double suicide dives on Escobar/Mendoza on the floor. Escobar pulled Kushida off the apron and Escobar gave Kushida a Powerbomb through the announce table. I think the legal men were Lee and Wilde. Carter checked on Kushida, Mendoza with a running knee to Carter and Mendoza whipped Carter into the steel steps. Lee was left alone in the ring against the three Legado guys. Lee kicked all three Legado members, he went for a handspring attack and then Wilde hit a dropkick to knock Lee down. They showed the medical team checking on Kushida against the turnbuckle. All three Legado guys hit running clotheslines on Lee. I think there were five clotheslines followed by Escobar hitting a double knee attack. Mendoza and Wilde each made tags as Escobar hit a brainbuster. Wilde hit a moonsault splash for a two count. Lee sent Mendoza into Wilde to knock Wilde down and then Lee sent Mendoza out of the ring. Escobar went for a splash off the top, but Lee moved out of the way. Lee with a back fist, then a kick to Mendoza and an enziguri kick on Escobar. Carter was back on the apron, so Lee tagged him in. Carter with a kick and a running knee, but Mendoza hit a running kick on Carter to knock him down. Kushida went back into the ring, Escobar kicked him in the face and Escobar hit the Phantom Driver on Kushida. Wilde and Mendoza did their double team legsweep/running kick finisher and Mendoza pinned Carter to win the match after 14 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza)

Analysis: ***3/4 This was a great tag team match. They wrestled at a face pace when needed and also had Carter as the face in peril setting up for the exciting finish. It was a lot of action throughout and the heels were put over in a big way as a cohesive unit. I also liked the way that Legado was booked as smart heels that took out Kushida with Escobar giving him a Powerbomb through the table and Mendoza took out Carter, which meant Lee was all alone in the final few minutes. That’s when Carter got the hot tag to make it seem like they would get momentum back, but then Legado stopped that quickly to find a way to win. I really liked the match, especially those final five minutes with the faces trying to fight back and they failed because they had nothing left. This put over Legado del Fantasma as a talented trio that works so well together.

Legado del Fantasma celebrated the win with Escobar holding the Cruiserweight Title while Wilde/Mendoza held the Tag Team Titles. The show ended there with that final image.

Analysis: The result of this match will probably lead to Escobar getting an NXT Cruiserweight Title rematch against Kushida and then Wilde/Mendoza will probably get an NXT Tag Team Title match in the near future too. I assume the next Takeover will be in early June, so that’s probably when we’ll see those matches. Then again, for the tag team division they do have other options like Grizzled Young Veterans and Ciampa/Thatcher. It could be another multi-team match. Anyway, there’s plenty of time to figure it out.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza)
  2. Kushida & MSK (Wes Lee & Nash Carter)
  3. Bronson Reed


The Scoreboard

This week: 7.25 out of 10

Last week: 7.25

2021 Average: 7.47


Final Thoughts

It was the usual good episode of NXT with a terrific six-man tag team main event. That match really put over Legado del Fantasma as a cohesive unit that works well together that took apart the championship trio of MSK and Kushida. I thought that was the best match of the night. I liked Bronson Reed’s match with Austin Theory that also involved others, but the other people getting involved didn’t hurt the match. Mercedes Martinez was impressive against Dakota Kai and then got her ass kicked by Raquel Gonzalez. They are also doing a nice job of slow teasing some future big matches. That’s what I like about NXT. They don’t rush things.

The non-wrestling segments were fun with Cameron Grimes buying an expensive watch, but then getting overshadowed by the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase in a cameo. That led to Cameron’s “that damn Ted Dibiase” line that he has said many times. It made me laugh anyway. Adam Cole’s interview was really good too as he continues to have a big ego as one of NXT’s top heels.

Since NXT has moved to Tuesday, I don’t think they have felt the need to load the show with huge matches and rushing the title matches. As a result, some of the bigger names were not even on this week or barely featured at all.


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