The John Report: AEW Dynamite 11/25/20 Review

Welcome to another AEW Dynamite review here on TJRWrestling. Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in America. We already had Thanksgiving here in Canada back in October, but I still enjoy American Thanksgiving thanks to the NFL games that take place (even when the games suck). AEW is building to next week’s big Winter is Coming episode of Dynamite headlined by Jon Moxley defending the AEW World Title against Kenny Omega. This week’s episode was taped last Thursday.

This is episode #60 of AEW Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive. Let’s get to it.

The AEW Dynamite intro video aired. The pyro went off on the stage, there were AEW wrestlers/personnel around ringside and the show began from there. The announce team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcomed us to the show.

It’s “Hangman” Adam Page as the first wrestler of the night. John Silver entered with members of the Dark Order (not Brodie Lee). Silver has been getting more opportunities since he’s funny on a Youtube show that I don’t watch, but if the bosses like it that’s what matters.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. John Silver

Page slapped on an armbar as Tony claimed that Silver is a sensation on the internet, which is a ridiculous statement. Silver with an armdrag, a dropkick and then some flexing from the short man Silver, who does have big arms. Page decked Silver with a forearm to the face. Page with chops to the chest, Silver moved and hit some chops of his own until Page came back with another chop. Silver did a comedic spot by slapping Page on the ass, so Page threw him onto the apron, which led to Silver hitting a kick. Silver hit a diving cross body block off the top for two. Silver worked over Page with kicks to the chest. Page with a hard chop again, but Silver hit a back elbow for a two count. Page and Silver exchanged forearms, but then Silver came back with a German Suplex for two. Silver to the apron leading to Page hitting a springboard punch off the ropes. Each guy missed attacks to the floor, Page managed to hit a cross body block on the floor and Page hit a sliding clothesline for two. Silver went for an attack off the ropes, Page hit a Samoan drop and a standing SSP for a two count. Page went for the lariat off the ropes, but Silver hit a hurricanrana for two. That was well done. Silver with a German Suplex, superkick and a brainbuster for two. Nice sequence of moves there. Page with kicks to the chest, Page got back into it with forearms and Silver hit a forearm to the face. Silver with three kicks to the face that were no sold and then a clothesline by Page leading to a Liger Bomb for two. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat, Silver did the flip bump and Page covered for the pinfall win after about nine minutes.

Winner by pinfall: “Hangman” Adam Page

Analysis: ***1/4 A nice win for Page in a match that was very competitive. I’ll admit to being impressed by Silver due to how well he sold some moves and then some of the moves he did as well. There was some no selling towards the end of the match as I mentioned, but that’s AEW where that sort of thing happens too often. At some point, Silver should get a win in one of these matches so we can think more about him instead of just being the short guy with big muscles. Obviously, Page is a bigger name, so having him win was the right call.

Post match, six members of the Dark Order checked on Silver. Evil Uno said he knows that Adam Page has many regrets. Uno said that no matter how many times Page tried to leave The Elite, the group would not let him go and Uno said that was a cult. Uno said that Page doesn’t have many people to rely on, but the Dark Order is there for him. Uno said you know where to find us as the Dark Order left. Page said nothing.

Analysis: I guess that’s the storyline with Dark Order trying to recruit Page, so when Page declines, maybe Brodie Lee attacks him and becomes his rival.

The announcers went over the matches noting that Pac and Fenix vs. Butcher and Blade is the main event.

Kenny Omega was interviewed backstage by Alex Marvez. Omega said that after the eventful week last week, he’s come to the conclusion that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Omega said that a year ago he was nursing injuries caused by Moxley, he can admit he lost and things change. Omega said that a year later, people are calling Moxley the best wrestler in the world, but suddenly it’s the written of The Cleaner, Best Bout Machine and Best in the World referring to himself. Kenny said that it isn’t until he gets Moxley belt until he’s considered the best. Omega asked Moxley to leave the garbage wrestling at home and try to beat Omega in the ring based on his ability. Omega said that they should sign that contract. Omega congratulated on the news from last week (Moxley having a baby). Omega said that Moxley’s childhood story tugged on his heartstrings, then said he believed the story about his dad and Kenny claimed his dad could kick the shit out of Moxley’s dad. Kenny left.

Analysis: Kenny is in this weird spot as a character where he’s been face-like for a while, but now he’s more of a heel persona. I like this version of Omega the best.


There was a brief Darby Allin video where he lit up a car that had “The Face of TNT” on it and “Survive If I Let You” on it since that is the phrase of Taz. Allin lit the car on fire while holding his TNT Title.

Powerhouse Hobbs is apparently the new name of Willie Hobbs since that’s what they are pushing now. They showed a replay of last week’s Dynamite when Hobbs turned heel on Cody, which was obvious to everybody except Cody, I guess.

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Taz) vs. Lee Johnson

The record of Johnson is 0-16 in AEW, so that’s not very good. Hobbs with a running body attack. Hobbs sent Johnson out of the ring and he hit him with a clothesline. Hobbs lifted up Johnson with a front slam for the pinfall win after just over one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Powerhouse Hobbs

Analysis: 1/4* A squash win for Hobbs since he just turned heel last week. Johnson never wins, so it’s another loss for him. I think Hobbs needs a more powerful finisher since he’s a powerhouse now.

Taz went into the ring with the FTW Title saying he had to take care of some business, so Hobbs went to the back. Taz complained about how AEW is not acknowledging what the FTW Title is. Taz said he’s not going to deal with it anymore. Taz said he’s not leaving the ring until somebody from management comes out here to make this title mean something because it’s important. As Taz was talking, his microphone was cut. The ring announcer Justin Roberts didn’t want to give him his microphone, but he did. Taz threatened Tony (Khan) and Keith Mitchell not to cut him off, so Schiavone let us know that they were going to ask Taz to leave the ring. Cody Rhodes walked out there in a suit along with a headset.

Cody Rhodes walked out to the ring with Taz telling him he was done and Cody went in the ring with him. Cody told Taz to move on. Cody said that next week it is Starks and Hobbs vs. Cody and Allin. Taz said that next week, the same thing is going to happen that happened last week – Cody and Allin are getting whooped. Taz said that he wants management to give some respect to that FTW Title. Taz is tired of that shit. Cody said that he’s from management, so he’ll “run it up the flagpole.” Taz said what are you going to tell him next, that creative has nothing for him? Cody said that Taz has a son named Hook that’s training to be a wrestler and he wondered why he’s training to wrestle with Cody instead of Taz. That led to Taz speaking without a microphone and saying that you went too far. Taz didn’t like that, then he looked like he was about to leave until changing his mind and putting the Tazmission Submission on Cody. That led to Taz taking Cody to the mat until Billy Gunn, Austin Gunn and Dustin Rhodes made the save. Taz left the ring with his son Hook (that’s his name apparently) carrying the FTW Title to the back with. Cody was helped back to his feet leading to the break.

Analysis: This was excellent. Good stuff for a talking segment with Taz coming across as a whiny heel manager that wants respect for his group. It does look ridiculous for Brian Cage to carry the FTW Title around for months and almost never defend it. Why have it if you are not going to feature it on the show? So it makes a lot of sense for Taz to whine about it with valid points as well.


Eddie Kingston was interviewed backstage by Alex Marvez. Eddie was disappointed in Penta and Fenix, but he kind of expected it from Fenix. Kingston mentioned that Pac wanted a battle but not a war. Jon Moxley walked up to Kingston in the backstage area with the AEW World Title. Kingston told him it wasn’t him (the mystery attack on Moxley), but Moxley knows who it is and he has his own stuff to handle.

TH2 (Jack Evans and Angelico) vs. Top Flight (Darius and Daunte Martin)

Top Flight are the brother tag team that debuted last week. They are 21 and 19 years old. TH2 rarely get to wrestle on Dynamite, but have been in AEW for over a year. Darius started with Angelico, who was the tallest man in the match. Darius went for a sunset flip, then he hit two arm drags and an armbar. Daunte tagged in with a splash onto the arm and Darius hit a dropkick leading to a two count for Daunte. Angelico held onto the ropes to avoid an attack leading to a kick to the leg. Evans tagged in with a leaping kick on Daunte.


The match returned with Darius getting the tag against Evans with a clothesline, a forearm and a punch to Angelico. Darius went up top with a great missile dropkick for two. JR mentioned doing a better cover, which is something he’s said on commentary for over 30 years. Evans hit a back elbow on Darius, Daunte got the tag and Top Flight hit a suplex into a Powerbomb for a two count with Angelico making the save. Evans was on the apron with Daunte, Darius saved his brother with an enziguri kick and Darius hit a suicide dive on TH2 while Daunte hit a somersault dive onto TH2 on the floor. Nice sequence of moves there. Back in the ring, Darius with a suplex and then Daunte hit a splash off the top for a two count. Angelico tagged in leading to a double team move with Evans hitting a flipping splash off Angelico’s hands for a two count. Daunte countered a slam attempt with a sunset flip into a pin for two as Evans broke up the pin. Darius missed an attack on Evans leading to Evans slamming Darius off the apron to the floor. Daunte saw what happened, so Evans choked his throat against the top rope, Angelico kicked the back of the leg of Daunte and then he slapped on an Ankle Lock submission while hooking the legs, which led to Daunte tapping out to give TH2 the win. It went about 10 minutes.

Winners by submission: TH2 (Jack Evans and Angelico)

Analysis: **3/4 It was a solid tag team match. It was booked as an even match with Top Flight getting plenty of offense before they lost the match. I liked some of the tag team moves of Top Flight while Angelico and Evans work well as cheap heels. It’s just tough to get into these matches sometimes when there isn’t much known about the characters involved in the match.

Post match, Evans stomped on Daunte, so the Young Bucks ran out for the save. TH2 ran away.

Analysis: The deal is that Young Bucks hired Top Flight after they wrestled eachother last week, so Young Bucks consider themselves to be mentors for the younger brother team.

There was a backstage promo with Vickie Guerrero talking while Nyla Rose stood behind her. Vickie talked about nepotism that exists with Brandi Rhodes. Vickie laughed about Jade Cargill stepping on a chair on Brandi’s arm and Vickie suggested Brandi calls her for some advice.

Jericho and Hager vs. SCU is up at the top of hour two.


The FTR tag team was shown talking about how Full Gear was one of the worst nights of their life. Cash Wheeler said it didn’t matter that fans, wrestlers and journalists were calling it the best match. Dax Harwood said that just because the Young Bucks were better for three seconds, it doesn’t make them the best. Harwood said that they need the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Tully Blanchard said it FTR’s destiny to be the champions and he told the Bucks to Fear the Revelation (FTR).

The SCU tag team of Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels made their entrance. It was mentioned by Excalibur saying that Daniels and Jericho have been wrestlers for nearly 58 years (30 years for Jericho, 28 for Daniels), but they have never had a match together. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager made their entrance with the Inner Circle group. Jericho was wearing a Painmaker shirt that you can order at Painmaker.Store/AEW if you want. The crowd sang along with Jericho’s theme song.

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager (w/MJF, Ortiz, Santana, Wardlow and Sammy Guevara) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels)

Jericho and Daniels are both 50 years old. There was some gamesmanship from Jericho and Daniels early on. Daniels with a clothesline to the back of Jericho while Kazarian tagged in with a double foot stomp to the body. Jericho did an eye poke to Kazarian leading to Hager making the tag. Hager worked over Kazarian with punches, then Jericho tagged in and stomped on Kazarian. Hager with a knee to the ribs, then he drove the shoulder into the ribs and more body shot punches. Daniels got the tag, sunset flip on Hager, then an enziguri kick and a clothesline to the back. Daniels into the ropes, Santana grabbed the foot (the referee didn’t see it) and Hager hit a powerslam on Daniels. Hager sent Daniels to the floor, Inner Circle did some stomping on Daniels (the referee didn’t see it either) and that led to a break.


The match returned with the heels continuing to isolate Daniels as the face in peril. Daniels managed to hit Jericho with a flatliner. Kazarian tagged in with a dropkick on Hager, a forearm on Jericho and a leg drop on Hager. Kazarian with a springboard leg drop for two. Ortiz was on the apron, Kazarian punched him and hit a headscissors on the floor. Kazarian got back in the ring quickly. Daniels with a rising kick to Jericho, then a boot to the chest of Jericho and Daniels hit a suicide dive on Hager on the floor. Daniels went up top and hit a cross body block on Jericho for two. Jericho with a chop, Hager back in with a clothesline and Daniels managed to hit a diving flatliner off the middle ropes. Daniels hit a springboard moonsault known as the Best Moonsault Ever for a two count as Jericho broke it up. MJF punched Daniels with the Dynamite Diamond ring (the referee missed that), Jericho hit the Judas Effect elbow and Hager pinned Daniels to win after 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager

Analysis: ***1/4 A solid match by four veteran wrestlers. There wasn’t anything special about it. Just basic tag team wrestling with the heels on the floor helping Jericho/Hager get the win. Since Daniels barely wrestles on Dynamite, I’m sure he has no problem putting people over in matches like that. There has been a bit of a push for Jericho/Hager as a team in the last few minutes.

Post match, Kazarian punched MJF, but then the other Inner Circle guys attacked SCU for a 7 on 2 attack. Scorpio Sky ran out with a steel chair, so SEVEN guys ran away from one man that had a weapon.

Miro and Kip Sabian were shown in some room with Penelope Ford with some video game controls. Orange Cassidy showed up, he turned off the machine and then Best Friends attacked. Trent hit Miro with a tray of some kind. Best Friends slammed Sabian into a porta potty. Miro grabbed the camera, yelled “move out of the way” and then we couldn’t see more.

Analysis: I know Miro hated the stuff he was booked in during his run in his previous company, but I really think this feud is about as lame as they come.

Next week on AEW Dynamite: Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal. Plus, the Moxley vs. Omega match for the AEW World Title. A clip was shown of Moxley laid out on the floor backstage last week on Dynamite.

Contract Signing for AEW World Title Match

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to host the contract signing that was supposed to be completed last week. Tony introduced Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega was about to make his entrance, but then Jon Moxley showed up and attacked him. It was cool looking with Moxley standing behind Omega while they were in the entrance tunnel. They went into the ring with Moxley grabbing his AEW World Title that was on the table. Omega tried to get the title, but Moxley stood on his right hand. Moxley gave Omega the Paradigm Shift lifting DDT onto the AEW World Title.

Moxley said he didn’t know who Omega hired to take Moxley out next week, but they did a piss poor job because Moxley is still standing. Moxley said he thought their beef was squashed one year ago, but then Kenny had to go and piss him off. Moxley said you can consider them even. Moxley said he’s protected this championship. Moxley said that Omega will have to dig deep into his guts to try to beat Moxley. Jon talked about how next week on Dynamite, the two best wrestlers on the planet battle for the AEW World Title. Moxley: “God, I love this shit!” Moxley said that this is not a game, there aren’t jokes like BTE, no dancing girls and if you come at the king, you best not miss (The Wire was a great TV show). Moxley told Kenny to take his shot because he’s only going to get one. I should point out that Kenny was down selling during all of that. Moxley signed the contract for the match (Omega signed it last week), he said thanks to Tony, shook his hand and Moxley left. Omega was down grabbing his neck to end the segment.

Analysis: That was a stong promo from Moxley and a lot more effective than when he stands in the backstage area doing promos. Moxley got his ass kicked last week, so he got revenge this week. I liked the Paradigm Shift on the title to put Kenny down for a few minutes while Moxley could do his promo. Moxley saying that they were the two best in the wrestling business is believable for his character to say and I’m sure plenty of fans would agree with it too. Both guys have been booked well and they go into the match with a lot of momentum. I’m excited about it next week.


Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle were about to be interviewed by Alex Marvez. MJF called Frankie Kazarian a coward for punching MJF in the face. Jericho said that after a fair and square victory (heels lie), Kazarian put his hands on MJF. Jericho said that’s not how they do things. Jericho said that they’ll go back to beating the hell out of the AEW roster. Jericho said that he’ll face Kazarian one on one next week on Dynamite. Jericho told Frankie he’s had a great career, but next week it’s all over.

There was a video with Anna Jay talking about how she’s a better wrestler now than when she faced when she only had seven matches in her career. Shida said her knee was fine after it was attacked repeatedly. Tay Conti talked about how her friend Anna was going to win the title. Anna said that the last piece in the new Anna Jay is the AEW Women’s Title.

Analysis: It’s an attempt to make us care about a women’s match in AEW. That’s better than what they do most weeks.

Anna Jay made her entrance with her friend Tay Conti, who are best friends in AEW. Hikaru Shida was up next as the AEW Women’s Champion with a 20-1 record in 2020. There were three Dark Order members watching on the stage.

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida vs. Anna Jay (w/Tay Conti)

Shida with a shoulder tackle on Jay, who went for a sleeper that she uses for a finisher, but Shida got out of it and hit a backbreaker. Shida with a running dropkick. Shida went for a knee on the apron, but Jay blocked it and Jay whipped Shida into the barricade. Jay drove Shida back first into the ring apron leading to a break.


Jay was in control with a flipping neckbreaker and then she yelled at Conti to hand her a chair from under the ring. The referee took the chair away, Silver handed Jay a kendo stick, which she used to hit Shida in the knee and the blind referee must also be deaf since he didn’t hear a kendo stick. Jay covered for a two count with the referee getting there a moment late. I liked that as a nearfall spot. Jay slapped on a choke that she uses, Shida got out of that and Jay countered a suplex into a pin attempt. Shida with a German Suplex and a forearm to the face for two. Shida hit the running knee for the pinfall win after about seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Hikaru Shida

Analysis: ** It was okay for the time given to give Shida a win while showing that Jay has improved over the last few months. I liked some of the nearfalls for Jay as creative heel spots that would have been believable as finishers. Shida is very good and likable as a babyface champion. They only got seven minutes with the break taking up about half the match, so that’s really not a lot of time for the women’s division. Perhaps Jay can win the title in the future. I thought that about women like Penelope Ford in the past, but she never wrestles on Dynamite anymore.

Post match, Shida left the ring with the announcers talking about how impressive Shida has been and then Abadon showed up. Abadon is a crazy looking woman that crawled on the stage, then Shida fell down and Abadon got her hands on the AEW Women’s Title. Abadon licked the title and Shida was scared of her.

Analysis: They might actually have a feud in the women’s division, so that’s nice to see. I still don’t get why Britt Baker is out of the title picture since she was out so long, came back strong and is clearly the best character in the women’s division. I was impressed by Abadon in the past, though. I think Abadon will probably be the next champion.

Matt Hardy did a promo calling himself an innovative trailblazer in pro wrestling history. Matt thought he should inspire all of us to fight on. Matt said when he secured his win at Elite Deletion, he was back on top. Matt said if he can overcome that, then you can overcome your challenges. Matt suggested we ask ourselves “what would Matt do?” and said he would thrive, survive and win.

Analysis: I guess it means Matt is going to be an over the top heel character now. Fine with me.

Next week on a big “Winter is Coming” edition of AEW Dynamite:

* Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal

* Chris Jericho vs. Frankie Kazarian

* Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes vs. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs

Ricky Starks, Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs did a promo in front of a green screen that had a picture of a hotel lobby. Starks said that they love it here in AEW, but he has a problem with Cody Rhodes. Starks ripped on Cody for having Taz’s microphone shut off earlier and for mentioning that Cody was training Taz’s kid, which means it is persona now. Starks said that next week, he and Powerhouse Hobbs are coming to bust heads. Cage said that they are the most powerful force in wrestling. Really? They aren’t booked like it, but they did get a win last week.

* Britt Baker vs. Layla Hirsch

* Jon Moxley defends the AEW World Championship against Kenny Omega.

Analysis: That’s a strong lineup mainly because of the World Title match. I think Omega is going to win too.

The Butcher and The Blade made their entrance with The Bunny along with Eddie Kingston. They are 11-7 in 2020. I don’t think they are a main event tag team especially since they lost a Bunkhouse Brawl match a few weeks ago, but here they are.


Rey Fenix made his entrance with his brother Penta and Pac as the reunited Death Triangle group got a nice pyro display. They are babyfaces now, I guess. Kingston joined commentary for the match.

Pac and Rey Fenix (w/Penta) vs. The Butcher and The Blade (w/The Bunny)

They were brawling outside the ring with Butcher tossing Fenix over the top into the ring. Pac was back in the ring with a kick to the back of Butcher leading to Fenix hitting a dropkick. Fenix hit a dive over the top onto Butcher and Pac jumped off the ropes onto Blade. Butcher hit a running cross body block on Pac and then a gutwrench slam after a kick to the head by Blade. Pac avoided a body slam, Fenix tagged in and he hit a dropkick for two. Eddie tried to explain why he wanted Penta to separate from Fenix, Tony kept mentioning that they are brothers and Eddie kept on talking about it. Pac whipped Blade into the turnbuckle. They exchanged forearms, Pac with a kick and Blade with a clothesline. Butcher and Fenix went into the ring illegally, Fenix with a hook kick, Fenix went for a Cutter, Butcher blocked it and Pac hit a superkick on Butcher. The referee, who didn’t seem to care about wrestlers illegally in the ring, decided to count them down as the show went to break. I really wish AEW just booked more Tornado Tag Team matches since the rules are rarely enforced.


The match returned with Pac hitting an elbow drop on Blade. Kingston was great on commentary yelling about how the announcers kept saying how impressive Pac is. Pac with a hotshot into the ropes, Butcher back in with a power slam and knee drops on Fenix. Blade sent Fenix face first into the turnbuckle. Fenix hit an impressive looking Stunner off the ropes. Pac was back in with a running dropkick on Blade. Pac with an enziguri kick and a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Pac charged right into a powerslam by Blade. Butcher was back in with a huge clothesline with Pac doing a flip bump for a two count. Blade with a running chop, Butcher threw Pac into the knee of Blade and Blade hit a Doctor Bomb for two as Fenix made the save with a dropkick to the head. Butcher sent Fenix over the top rope onto the ramp. Pac off the ropes, Fenix tagged in, double kick and Fenix went up top, but Kingston went to ringside and tripped up Fenix while Bunny caused a distraction. Butcher and Blade hit a double team neckbreaker/Powerbomb combination. Blade covered Fenix for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Butcher and The Blade

Analysis: ***1/4 A good match with Pac and Fenix working well together until the numbers game by the heels was too much to overcome. It was cool to see some of the tag team moves from Fenix and Pac as they showed off their aerial skills. I always thought Fenix was more natural as a face, so I’m glad he’s back in that role. I will miss heel Pac, but he’s great no matter what kind of character he is. Butcher and Blade are a good team in terms of how well they work together, but they aren’t booked in a consistent way. Kingston being a factor in the finish of the match should lead to him having a big match with Pac soon.

There were still a few minutes left, so the trio of Kingston, Butcher and Blade attacked Fenix, Pac and Penta. Bunny brought a chair into the ring. Kingston gave Pac a DDT on the steel chair. Kingston picked up Pac again and hit another DDT on the steel chair.

Lance Archer made his entrance with a running cross body block on Blade. Archer punched Butcher, then Archer ran the ropes and hit a cross body block on Kingston and Butcher at the same time. Archer went to attack Kingston, then it was broken up a bit and then the other wrestlers fought outside the ring. Kingston left the ring and ran away. JR wondered how Archer was attached to this situation. Tony explained that it’s been personal since the anniversary show and Excalibur mentioned the Battle Royal at All Out several months ago. Archer stared at Kingston and friends to end the show.

Analysis: It’s a heel going after heels. Is Archer a face now? I doubt it, but it’s a bit confusing when heel characters are going after other heels. I know some people in AEW think heel and face doesn’t matter, but I think that’s the wrong way of booking pro wrestling because it does matter. It’s what makes stories more interesting. The positive thing about this is that Kingston did complain about the battle royal a lot (a battle royal won by Archer), so I guess it took Archer three months to get revenge on him for it since the creative team has had nothing for Archer in the last month. Better than nothing, I guess.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Jon Moxley
  2. Pac/Fenix
  3. Taz/Cody

The Scoreboard

This week: 7.25 (out of 10)

Last week: 6.75

2020 Average: 7.17

Final Thoughts

I liked most of this week’s show and I thought it was better than last week. They advanced some storylines well, especially Moxley vs. Omega heading into the title match next week, and there were some fresh matchups as well. With that said, plenty of talented people in this company have nothing to do right now. There wasn’t a standout match in terms of in-ring action, but I think every match told a good story and I liked some of the post match happenings.

I applaud AEW for two of the heel wins on the show. We saw two tag team victories with Jericho/Hager and Butcher/Blade that were won because of interference. If you’re going to have people outside the ring, use them for the finish to give a heel a win. I like that style of booking. Lance Archer going after Eddie Kingston to end the show isn’t something I expected although the announcers tried to explain the storyline.

They are right to call Moxley vs. Omega for the AEW World Title the biggest match in AEW Dynamite history. I’m really looking forward to it.

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