The John Report: AEW Dynamite 07/14/21 Review (Fyter Fest Part 1)

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review here on TJRWrestling. It’s the second week of AEW being on the road and they running a Fyter Fest show. This week is part one of Fyter Fest and next week is part two. They are just episodes of Dynamite with another name added to it, but that’s what AEW likes to do. More power to them.

This is AEW Dynamite from the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park (Austin), Texas. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive. Let’s get to it.

The AEW Dynamite intro video aired. The pyro went off in the arena and the crowd was loud. Great to hear it. Jim Ross welcomed us with the “It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means” line with JR being joined by Excalibur (happy birthday to him today) and Tony Schiavone on commentary. The “Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts let us know that the IWGP US Title match was up first.

Jon Moxley made his entrance through the crowd with Eddie Kingston joining him. Moxley was the IWGP US Champion with a shorter haircut. He nearly shaved his whole head, but he still has some hair on top. Moxley has been off for about six weeks because his wife Renee gave birth to their daughter, but he was out of action due to a storyline injury. Karl Anderson was introduced as being from Tokyo, Japan. I believe Heels lie, but he did have a good career in Japan. Anderson was joined by big Doc Gallows and they are part of The Elite stable.

IWGP United States Championship: Jon Moxley (w/Eddie Kingston) vs. Karl Anderson (w/Doc Gallows)

The match started with Kingston and Gallows brawling into the crowd, so then they went to the back. Anderson with a boot to the face of Moxley. Anderson and Moxley got into a slugfest as they exchanged forearms. Anderson with a running uppercut followed by punches and Moxley connected with a headbutt. Moxley with a clothesline over the top to the floor. Moxley whipped Anderson into the barricade. Anderson with a suplex on the ramp. Tony referenced a 20 count outside the ring (those are New Japan rules), but it’s not like the referee started counting right away. They fought on the floor with some choking by Moxley, then some punching and even some biting. Moxley was on the apron with Anderson hitting a running kick to the face. Anderson hit a spinebuster for two. Anderson went up top for nothing, Moxley punched him and did more biting for some strange reason. Moxley hit a superplex off the middle rope. Moxley with a German Suplex, Anderson with a boot to the face and Moxley with a clothesline. They did a double clothesline spot two times in a row with JR busting out “slobberknocker” already. Moxley went for the sleeper briefly, then he went for a piledriver and Anderson fought back with a pump kick. Anderson picked up Moxley on his shoulder for a reverse piledriver type move for two. Anderson jumped off the ropes with a neckbreaker for two. Moxley went for the Paradigm Shift, Anderson got out of it, Moxley with a forearm and Anderson hit the Gun Stun. Moxley rolled to the ropes. Moxley with a running clothesline. Anderson had Moxley on his shoulders into a Stun Gun cutter for two. Moxley blocked a top rope Cutter, he caught Anderson and hit a clothesline. Moxley hit the Paradigm Shift for the pinfall win after about ten minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jon Moxley

Analysis: ***1/2 This was a good, hard-hitting match that looked like they were delivering hard shots to eachother in a New Japan style match. Moxley retaining was obvious, but I’m happy to see Karl in a meaningful singles match since that is rare for him. Good choice for an opening match with Moxley getting the win since he’s so popular and fires up the crowd very well.

Still to come in the main event is Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page in a Coffin Match. They ran down other matches.

Lance Archer was backstage with Jake Roberts. Archer said that Moxley beat Archer for the IWGP US Title in January 2020 in a Texas Death Match, so Archer challenged Moxley to a Texas Death Match for the IWGP US Title next week on Dynamite.

Analysis: That should be great. Maybe a title change? I don’t know, but Archer could use a title.


Andrade El Idolo was interviewed by Alex Abrahantes with some guy in a suit that was there to assist Andrade. Andrade had a message for the Death Triangle and said he was looking for them. Andrade left.

Analysis: That’s cool. Death Triangle is Pac, Rey Fenix and Penta, so that’s going to lead to some awesome matches for Andrade.

Ricky Starks and Brian Cage made their entrances for their match. Starks was cheered quite a bit because he wrestled a lot in the Texas indies in his career. Taz was on commentary while Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook were at ringside. They are all part of Team Taz just like the wrestlers in the match. Starks missed a few months with a neck injury. The FTW Championship was called the “FTW World Championship” but let’s be clear that it was a created title in the mid-1990s for Taz, went away for 20 years and now it’s back. I wouldn’t call it a World Title. It’s just a random title.

FTW Championship: Brian Cage vs. Ricky Starks

Taz said that they didn’t want this to happen, but they just have to fight it out. Cage with a press slam. Cage with a powerslam. Cage charged, Starks moved and Starks kicked the left arm. Starks hit an impressive missile dropkick off the middle ropes leading to a picture in picture break.


The match returned with Starks grabbing the title on the floor, then Cage stopped that and Cage pulled Starks into the ring post. Starks showed off his athleticism on the apron leading to a clothesline. Starks jumped on Cage’s back for a choke, but Cage drove him to the turnbuckle and hit a kick/forearm combo. Cage hit an impressive suplex flipping Starks over and Starks landed on his stomach. Starks got his foot on the bottom rope so Cage got a two count. Cage avoided a DDT and hit a superkick for two. The fans were chanting “Ricky” for Starks although it was not a loud chant. Starks avoided a move by the turnbuckle and Starks hit a sitout Powerbomb for two. The crowd bought that as a nearfall. Good spot out of the corner. Starks grabbed the title, but Hobbs pulled it away from him. Cage slammed Starks off the shoulder with his move similar to the F5 for a two count. Hook distracted the referee, Cage went for a forearm, Starks moved and Hobbs hit Cage with the FTW Title in the head. Starks hit a Spear on Cage for the pinfall win after about ten minutes. Taz: “I love it!” They screwed Cage out of the win. The fans cheered the win.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW FTW Champion: Ricky Starks

Analysis: ***1/2 It was a very good match with a creative finish since Cage was screwed out of the title to kick him out of the group and give Starks a big win for his first title in AEW. They did a nice job of doing nearfalls throughout the match. The finish was a swerve as Team Taz worked together with Hook distracting the referee, Hobbs getting the cheap shot and Starks capitalizing to win.

Post match, Starks celebrated with the FTW Title while Taz showed up at ringside and hugged Ricky. Team Taz celebrated while Cage was left alone in the ring.

Analysis: I think Brian Cage should do well as a singles face. He’s a powerful guy that wrestles an exciting style, so I think he’ll have success in that role.

Cody Rhodes made his entrance in a white suit after they showed clips of Malakai Black attacking Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes last week. Cody yelled about how Black kicked a 62-year-old man (Arn Anderson) last week.

Cody got a microphone and walked down to the ring. Cody said that he doesn’t win every fight he’s involved in, but he knows he has a better chance when he knows it’s coming. Cody called out “Tommy End, Malakai Black” and wanted him to answer the calling. Cody said that this is Fyter and he feels like fighting.

Malakai Black was backstage somewhere talking with some smoke surrounding him. Black told some story about a man killing a horse, but I lost interest as he kept talking. Black said when he looked Cody and Arn in the eyes last week, “it just wasn’t there.” Cody told him to come out there now to take a better look. That led to the lights going out just like last week.

The lights went on and Black was in the ring with Cody. Black and Cody got into a fight in the ring, but there were referees, officials and security to break it up. The fans were cheering loudly.

Analysis: I liked this a lot. I don’t think Cody’s feud with QT Marshall, Anthony Ogogo and those guys was very interesting at all, but this one is a lot more intense already because Black is seen as a strong character that’s very believable. They can build this feud up in the coming weeks leading to PPV match at All Out in early September. That’s going to be great. Regarding the fight breakup, this is a company that has a ridiculous amount of brawls where nobody ever tries to break it up, but in this case, there were people breaking it up within five seconds. I just want consistency when there are segments like that.


Tully Blanchard was shown backstage with Alex Marvez talking to him. Santana & Ortiz walked up to him. They teased hitting Blanchard with a tire iron. They laughed and said that they were taught to respect their elders. Santana & Ortiz left.

Analysis: I’m so ready for a FTR vs. Santana/Ortiz tag team match. They are probably my two favorite teams in AEW.

Let’s Hear from “Hangman” Adam Page

There was a huge pop as Adam Page was introduced by Tony Schiavone. Dare I say a top babyface pop. That was cool to see because I like Page a lot and it shows how well AEW has been building up Page as a top contender.

Tony brought up AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, which drew boos and Tony said that this is what the fans to see. Page said that since day one he wanted to be AEW World Champion, he came so close to winning it, but he failed. Page said that the Dark Order is right because he still needs that championship. Page said he was there to challenge for the All Elite…and here comes Don Callis, the manager of Kenny Omega.

Don Callis walked out to the ring with The Young Bucks, Doc Gallows, the stooge Brandon Cutler and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Callis told Page that he is not that guy. Nick Jackson and Gallows said that Page is not that guy. Matt Jackson went into the ring asking Page if he remembered them since they were Page’s best friends that Page abandoned. Matt said it blows his mind that he left them for a bunch of losers and ripped on Page for “hitting the bottle” since his breath smelled. Matt said that it’s a sad, lonely cowboy that should blame himself. Matt said that Page is the next great wrestling tragedy. Page decked Matt with a punch to the face. Page knocked the other guys off the apron and Kenny tried a cheap shot, but the Dark Order guys ran out to the ring to back up Page. The Elite retreated out of the ring. The fans chanted “AEW” for that.

Page said that he came there for a match and he’s not leaving without one. Omega said that Adam Page wants a match. Omega said that they can do that because Page wants Omega in this ring all to himself. Omega said that only do you get him, but he should cue up the “Goon Squad” against all of The Elite in a 5 on 5 elimination style match. Page said that is not the match he wanted, but if that’s what they have to do then that’s what they will do. Page said that when they win, he gets a shot at the World Title and these guys earn a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Kenny said that none of them earned it. Callis talked to Kenny and fans chanted “Cowboy Shit” to support Page.

Omega got into the ring with Page. Omega said that Page makes a lot of demands for somebody that is not in a position of power. Omega said that after they beat Page’s guys, not only do the boys lose their shot at the Tag Team Titles then Page loses his shot too. Omega said that Page can be proud of what he’s accomplished up to this point, but it ends there. Omega said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take (hey Wayne Gretzky), but you also don’t fail. Omega said that Page is just afraid to fail in front of the fans. There was another “Cowboy Shit” chant. Omega said that he’ll take a lot of pleasure when “Cowboy Shit” turns to “Belt Collector.” Omega said that if Page is cool with that then so are they. Page said that the Dark Order does not back down from a fight, so they are on.

Analysis: This was another excellent promo segment. The fans are solidly behind Page, the heels are doing a fantastic job of getting heat not just by their physical actions, but by their words as well and the fans want to see Omega vs. Page. Since the next PPV isn’t until early September, there’s plenty of time to get there and I think the 10-man Elimination Tag Team Match is a great idea as well. Maybe the Dark Order guys are the right team to take the Tag Team Titles off The Young Bucks just like Page is the right guy to take the AEW Title off Omega. I like where things are headed for sure.


Chris Jericho was interviewed by Alex Marvez. Jericho said that he will walk through fire to get to MJF and walk through broken glass to get to MJF. Jericho said that he is the God of Thunder and the God of War. Shawn Spears showed up with MJF with Spears giving him a cheap shot. MJF informed Jericho that Spears can use a steel chair next week and Jericho cant. Spears hit Jericho with the edge of a steel chair to the left arm. Jericho sold it like he was in a lot of pain.

Analysis: This must have been taped last week because Jericho was in Iowa for a Fozzy show on Wednesday night according to his Instagram. Anyway, it’s a long-term story to build to Jericho vs. MJF likely at All Out in September.

Matt Hardy made his entrance with some of his allies and then the guys went to the break. Congratulations to Matt and wife Reby having their fourth child, a daughter. She was born a few days ago. They have three sons and a daughter. Four kids under the age of six. That’s a lot of work. Christian Cage was up next as Matt’s opponent and Christian is 5-0 in singles matches.

Analysis: Christian is 47 years old while Matt is 46 years old. I have probably watched and reviewed hundreds of matches in the careers of these guys. Maybe in the thousands. I first saw Christian wrestling at an indy show here in the province of Ontario in 1997, which was a year before his WWE debut. I have seen these two wrestle live many times in the last 20+ years. I love that they are still wrestling at a high level. Good for them.

Christian Cage vs. Matt Hardy

They locked up in a tie-up, then left the ring still tied up and Matt sent Christian back into the ring. Christian with an uppercut punch, he tripped up Matt on the floor and threw Matt into the barricade. Christian went up top and jumped onto Matt on the floor. Christian hit a reverse DDT for a two count. Christian worked over Matt with punches to the head. Matt got control with a shot to the head and Matt hit a draping DDT onto the steel steps. That was a vicious looking spot. Matt choked Christian against the bottom rope and Matt hit a neckbreaker for two. Matt with a slingshot into the bottom rope so it was another shot to the throat. Matt with an elbow drop off the middle rope for two.


Matt was still in control with a body slam. Matt did a long pose on the middle rope, so Christian got up and tripped up Matt. Christian stepped on Matt’s back while Matt’s throat was across the rope. Christian hit a jumping back elbow off the ropes for a two count. Matt with a kick to the gut and a Twist of Fate attempt, but Christian shoved him off. Christian charged, Matt moved and Christian came back with a Spear for two. Christian was sent to the apron where he pulled back on Matt’s head across the top rope. Christian went up top and hit a Frog Splash for a two count. They battled on the turnbuckle with Matt hitting a superplex off the top (more impressive than the superplex off the middle rope earlier in the show) for a two count. Christian came back with an inside cradle for two. Matt grabbed the referee leading to a low blow kick (the referee Paul Turner never saw it) and a Twist of Fate only got a two count. Matt applied a submission hold called The Leech on the floor. There was a ten count on Christian on the floor since they had a ten count in AEW while the 20 count was only for the NJPW match earlier. Christian got back in the ring before the ten count. Christian countered Matt and Christian hit the Killswitch for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Christian Cage

Analysis: ***1/4 A good match wrestled at the right pace by two veterans. Christian remains undefeated in singles matches in AEW. This was pretty good with a simple story being told with Matt working over Christian’s neck for most of it and Christian found a way to get the win. I didn’t like the finish that much because it made Matt’s submission move on the floor look weak since Christian was able to go back in the ring and hit one move to win. I would have liked to see a nearfall connect and then hit the Killswitch to win. That would have made more sense, in my opinion.

Post match, Matt Hardy’s allies Private Party and Angelico teased an attack on Christian, but the Jurassic Express duo of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy got into the ring to help Christian. Luchasaurus put Christian on his shoulders, which drew a big pop.

Analysis: That should set up a tag team match. AEW loves post match segments to set up future matches.

Miro did a video promo saying that he was a man that remembered who he was. Miro said he became a champion that made him God’s favorite champion. Miro held up the TNT Title that had a white strap on it now and a bit of a different look. Miro said he was The Redeemer. That ended it.

Analysis: This was fine. I don’t know why they needed to change the look of the TNT Title, but they did.

Let’s Hear from Britt Baker

Britt Baker made her entrance as the AEW Women’s Champion with Tony Schiavone in the ring for an interview. Baker hugged her friend Tony. Schiavone mentioned that Nyla Rose put Baker through a table, so people were concerned about Baker’s well-being. Baker talked about how she’s been through so much more and she became the baddest bitch on the block. Baker said that Nyla Rose has beaten her multiple times and has beaten her many times. Baker said that Nyla is at the top of the food chain, but Baker is off the menu because she is special order (good line). Baker trashed Vickie Guerrero saying she was lucky for having a last name that will keep her relevant in professional wrestling. Baker said that Rose needs this title, but it isn’t going anywhere except around Baker’s waist. Baker said that with the title she is the hottest thing in professional wrestling and without it, she is still Dr. Britt Baker DMD (the fans chanted “DMD” right on cue).

There was a promo from backstage with Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero trash-talking Baker. Nyla said she’ll give her an ass whipping next week and that’s the nature of the beast.

Analysis: Good promo from Baker. She was a heel for most of the last two years, but it appears as though she’s more of a face now with a bit of an edge to her. I don’t mind that at all because she’s definitely the biggest star in their women’s division, so making her a face that is also cool and easy to like is the right way to go with her. I don’t expect Baker to lose the title to Nyla next week.

Jon Moxley was backstage doing a promo saying you don’t beat Lance Archer, you survive against him and he’s done it twice. Moxley said that he is the hunter. Moxley said that if Archer wants Texas Death Match 2 next week, then he’s got it and next week in Dallas he is Texas Dead.

Analysis: That’s going to be a great match.


Wheeler Yuta entered with the Best Friends guys Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. I don’t know much about Wheeler Yuta, but I have heard good things about him. The Bunny and The Blade were watching in the crowd. Sammy Guevara got a big ovation from the crowd.

Sammy Guevara vs. Wheeler Yuta

Sammy was impressive by jumping over Yuta and hitting a dropkick leading to Yuta bailing to the floor. They exchanged some holds, Yuta with a back elbow and Sammy hit a powerslam. Sammy missed two diving attacks leading to a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Yuta did an impressive move where he jumped off the ropes and hit a springboard dropkick. Yuta hit a German Suplex and he went up top with a Superfly Splash for just a one count. Sammy with chops, then a back body drop, a shoulder tackle charge against the ropes and Sammy hit a springboard Cutter. Sammy hit the GTH knee to the face for the pinfall win after four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Sammy Guevara

Analysis: ** A shorter match to give Sammy the win after he recently lost to MJF. The announcers talk about how hot Sammy has been, but other than a tag team match win, they haven’t put him over with wins. Sammy got his first singles win on Dynamite since August 2020. It’s been a while. I have no idea why they don’t book him in singles matches more often, but he’s a star on the rise and they should utilize him more.

There was an interview earlier in the day with QT Marshall and friends were interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Marshall felt disrespected, so he poured Aaron Solow’s drink over Tony’s head. Okay? Sure.

Penelope Ford vs. Yuka Sakazaki

The fans were cheering for Yuka, who connected with a dropkick that sent Ford out of the ring. Tony said that Ford was 16-1 in her last 17 matches, which I assume were on Dark and Dark Elevation mostly because I review Dynamite every week and don’t remember Ford winning much. Yuka hit a diving attack on Ford on the floor. Ford kicked the knee followed by some choking across the middle rope.


The match returned with the two women exchanging strikes. Yuka came back with a delayed vertical suplex as if suplexing a 110-pound person is difficult. Yuka with a kick and a sliding knee for two. Yuka with a back elbow off the ropes. Ford with two pump kicks for a two count. She should have yelled “BROGUE” oh wait wrong show. Yuka delivered a dreaded airplane spin leading to a slam onto the mat. Yuka went up top and hit a Magical Girl Splash for the pinfall win after about seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Yuka Sakazaki

Analysis: *3/4 This was about putting over Sakazaki in her return to AEW shows after a long layoff. Ford did okay, but really didn’t get much chance to shine. The time of the match is what the women’s matches usually get when it’s not a title match.

The announcers did their shouting routine to let us know about next week’s Dynamite aka Fyter Fest Part 2.

* AEW Women’s Championship: Britt Baker (c) vs. Nyla Rose

* Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Spears

* Orange Cassidy vs. The Blade

* IWGP US Championship Texas Death Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Lance Archer

Analysis: Baker, Jericho and Cassidy should win. Archer might win to get a title on him, but Moxley rarely loses. That should be interesting.

There was a video package for AEW’s new show called AEW Rampage that debuts Friday, August 13 on TNT in the US.

Analysis: Rampage is on Friday nights at 10pm ET for one hour. It’s a terrible time slot, but it’s good for wrestlers in AEW that don’t get the time to be on Dynamite more often.

The main event is next.


The main event was a Coffin Match, so some guys brought out a coffin to place it ringside. It’s a wooden coffin. Ethan Page was up first with a 17-2 record and he’s ranked #5 in AEW. Darby Allin is the #4 ranked wrestler in AEW with a 13-2 record. Good pop for Allin during his entrance with the skateboard.

Coffin Match: Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page

The reason it’s a Coffin Match is because Allin uses the Coffin Drop finishing move, so it fits for him. Allin attacked Page immediately with a running back attack and showed he was wearing a steel plate on his back. Allin with a springboard attack off the middle rope, so it was the steel plate onto Page on the floor. Allin hit a suicide dive onto Page on the floor. Allin went by the coffin, so then Scorpio Sky got out of it and Sky whipped Allin into the steel steps. Sting showed up to a huge ovation. Sting whipped Sky into the barricade repeatedly and over the barricade into the crowd. Sting fought Sky into the crowd with Sting hitting a Stinger Splash, but Sky moved. The director missed it. Page was untying the bottom of the turnbuckle. Sting hit Sky with a garbage can and they left. Page charged at Allin, who moved and Page went flying over the barricade. They went for a picture in picture break.


The match returned with Page setting up the steel steps as we saw replays of Page in control after fighting Darby in the crowd. Page sent Allin face first into the steel steps with Allin bumping into the turnbuckle. Page charged, Allin got a boot up and Allin jumped off the ropes, but Page knocked him down with a shoulder tackle. Page used a steel piece of the turnbuckle around Allin’s throat and yanked him down. Allin hit Page with a piece of steel and hit Page in the jaw. Allin put part of the steel into Page’s mouth! That looked rough. Allin hit a dropkick into the steel steps into Page, who fell into the coffin. Allin to the apron, Page brought him into the coffin and they got into a slug fest by the apron. Page with three hard palm strikes to the side of the face. Allin bit some of Page and then Page hit a back body drop on the floor. Page was bleeding from the forehead. Page picked up Allin as they stood on the steel steps, but Allin got out of that and hit a flipping Stunner off the stairs. Allin went up top, Page tripped him up and Page hit the Ego’s Edge off the top onto the steel steps! That was brutal. The crowd reacted to that in a big way as a devasting move. The fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. Page went for a suplex on the apron, Allin gouged the eyes of Page and even bit his face. Allin with a skateboard, he jumped off the top and kicked the skateboard into the spine of Page, so Page fell into the coffin. Allin closed the coffin to win the match after about 13 minutes.

Winner: Darby Allin

Analysis: **** This was an awesome match. It was physical, hard-hitting and had some big spots along with a strong finish. You can’t say Darby fluked his way to the win. It was decisive. They used plenty of weapons, but didn’t overdo it and it felt like a match between two guys that hated eachother. Better yet, it felt like a fight from the moment the bell rang. One thing I think they could have done better was do more attempts at trying to win the match by shutting the coffin because they really did one or two spots there before the finish. They could have done more to make it look like Page might win the match too. With that said, it’s the first-ever Coffin Match in AEW and it was better than a lot of Casket Matches I’ve seen in WWE, so it means they did an excellent job here.

Post match, Allin moved the coffin into another position near the turnbuckle. Allin went up top and delivered a Coffin Drop off the top rope through the coffin with Page in it! It sounded brutal as Allin broke through the wooden top of the coffin to land on Page like that. The fans popped huge for it as multiple announcers shouted “OH MY GOD” for it. I don’t know if that hurt a lot or what, but it looked impressive. The fans loved it too. Allin was down on the floor selling and that was the end of the show.

Analysis: That was crazy, but that’s also Darby and why fans enjoy him so much. Darby doing wild stuff like that might shorten his career, so he has to be smart about it and pick his spots, so to speak. I’m happy for Ethan Page succeeding in AEW. He is from Hamilton, Ontario, which is about an hour away from me, so it’s good to see a local guy doing so well. This likely was the feud ender between although I can see this rivalry continuing down the road too.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Darby Allin
  2. Ethan Page
  3. Jon Moxley/Ricky Starks


The Scoreboard

This Week: 8.5 out of 10

Last Week: 7.5

2021 Average: 7.36


Final Thoughts

This was a great episode of Dynamite. It was my highest rating of the year for Dynamite at 8.5 out of 10. It was the perfect mix of several very good matches (four of them were over three stars to me) and I thought the non-wrestling segments were all effective as well. The best match was the Coffin Match that Darby Allin won against Ethan Page. They did some crazy stuff during the match and then got even crazier after the match with Allin doing a Coffin Drop through the coffin while Page was in it. Darby is nuts, but the fans love him for it. I liked Jon Moxley’s match with Karl Anderson a lot, Christian Cage/Matt Hardy showed they still got it for a couple of guys in their late 40s, Team Taz turning on Brian Cage to give Ricky Starks the FTW Title was clever and it was nice to see Sammy Guevara get a win on Dynamite.

That segment with “Hangman” Adam Page showing confidence and standing up to Kenny Omega and friends was awesome. The crowd in Austin was on fire for Hangman, so that made it even better. They have set up a 5 on 5 match because there’s no rush to announce Omega vs. Hangman, which I assume will be at All Out on September 5. The Cody Rhodes/Malakai Black follow up also worked really well since it led to a brawl that was broken up quickly. It makes fans want to see more from them soon.

There were some parts in the second hour that weren’t that interesting, but overall I thought it was an excellent show. The hot crowd in Texas certainly helped a lot too. Good stuff by AEW.

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