Backstage News On Why WWE Is Not Doing Bray Wyatt-Roman Reigns Feud Yet

bray wyatt roman reigns

Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns have a long history in WWE together, but the two former rivals were never planned to have a rivalry immediately after Wyatt’s return.

It was at WWE Extreme Rules on October 8th when Bray Wyatt made his triumphant return to the company after being released by WWE. After several weeks of “White Rabbit” teases and mysterious QR Codes that led to WWE fans trying to guess what they meant, Wyatt returned to a huge ovation.

A man that Wyatt wrestled a lot during his first, nearly decade-long run in WWE was Roman Reigns. When they had their rivalry, Wyatt was usually the heel while Reigns was the face. Things are different in 2022.

Wyatt’s return has gone over very well with fans while management is very pleased as well, according to a recent report. The update also noted that WWE was “absolutely thrilled” with Wyatt’s return and he quickly became the company’s top merchandise seller in the last few weeks.

When Reigns returned to WWE in August 2020 after being away for about five months, he did so at the expense of Wyatt. Reigns was back at SummerSlam 2020 and one week later he won the Universal Title at Payback 2020 in a match against “The Fiend” version of Wyatt along with Braun Strowman since it was a triple threat match. That was nearly 800 days ago since Reigns has held that Universal Title since then and he added the WWE Title to his collection as well.

Since Wyatt is the top face and Reigns is a dominant heel champion, logic would dictate a potential rivalry between them. Not so fast on that.

In an update on a potential Reigns-Wyatt rivalry, Fightful Select reported that in regards to rumors of the two men feuding, a source from WWE creative said that was false. That person also asked: “Where would we go from there?” Another source said that they learned from The Fiend’s run in the past when the company pushed the characters perhaps too quickly. It could mean that WWE is keen to save the eventual Reigns-Wyatt feud.

As for tonight’s October 28th episode of Smackdown, Wyatt is expected to be there. In addition to that, WWE will be taping the November 4th episode as well because most of the roster will be on tour in Europe and also en route to Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel show on November 5th.

We will have a review of WWE Smackdown on TJRWrestling later tonight.