WWE News: Mandy Rose Has Been Traded to Raw

There has been a random WWE trade. It was announced on WWE’s Talking Smack show on WWE Network, which is hosted by Kayla Braxton and Xavier Woods.

The news is that Mandy Rose has been traded to Raw. Here’s more from along with Mandy’s tweet about it:

Mandy Rose is on the move, as The Golden Goddess has been traded to Raw.

The Miz crashed the set of WWE Talking Smack to break the news of Mandy Rose’s trade to Raw. The move was the latest tactic in The Miz & John Morrison’s ongoing quest to part Otis with his Money in the Bank Contract.

Based on Mandy’s succinct reaction on social media, this news surprised her just as it did the WWE Universe.

What will the move mean for Mandy and what effect will it have on her relationship with Otis?

Stay tuned to WWE digital and social platforms for the latest updates.

As you can see above, WWE did not announce any sort of compensation for the trade. They just moved Mandy over to Raw and that’s it for now.

The reason that The Miz was mentioned is that on Smackdown last night, he and John Morrison tried to steal the Money in the Bank briefcase held by Otis. When they realized they had only stolen a briefcase with an eaten apple in it, Miz said he was going to call in a favor. This is the follow up to that, so the idea is that The Miz calling in a favor is the reason why Otis’ girlfriend Mandy is now on Raw.

TJR Thoughts: Mandy wasn’t really doing anything on Smackdown after the Sonya feud ended, so moving her to Raw could be just a case of WWE realizing they need some more women on Raw. Mandy has been a heel in the past, but she’s a face now.

There have been rumors of a WWE Draft lottery of sorts coming in October, but that hasn’t been made official by the company. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s off the table. It’s just not something that we can confirm at this point.

Regarding the Mandy relationship with Otis, it is just an on-screen storyline and they really haven’t been featured much on Smackdown in months. When Mandy beat Sonya Deville in a Loser Leaves WWE match, Otis was barely around for that too.

I like Mandy as a performer not just because of her looks either. She has improved in the ring, she has some moves that look credible and she’s gotten better at selling. I think her promos as a heel were better than her face promos, but overall you can definitely see she has gotten better in the last year. Mandy is 30 years old and signed a five-year contract extension with WWE last year. She’ll be around for a while and likely will hold some gold soon.