WWE Expected To Have “Much Less 50/50 Booking” With Triple H In Charge

Triple H walking to ring

The Head of Creative in WWE now is Triple H, and a new report suggests what changes might be in store.

Now that Vince McMahon has retired as WWE’s Chairman, CEO and Head of Creative, a new era is upon us with Triple H in charge.

There is a lot of excitement in WWE among fans that are hoping for a fresh booking style. Hunter was very popular as the man behind the popular black & gold NXT brand from 2012 until WWE decided to go with NXT 2.0 in September 2021.

With Triple H in charge, it has led to fans wondering if Raw and Smackdown will have a similar style of booking to what we saw in NXT. There has been a lot of speculation about whether stars that Triple H worked with in NXT could get bigger pushes on Raw or Smackdown in the months ahead.

Dave Meltzer provided some insight in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter while noting that changes are on the way. Meltzer believes that there will be more of an investment in younger talent, there will be long-term storytelling and less 50/50 booking, which means wrestling trading wins will happen less often. That type of 50/50 booking has frustrated fans for many years.

“Regarding what changes are expected to take place, what is expected is more long term storylines, more investment in younger talent, and much less 50/50 booking. The belief was that he was more of a proponent of women’s wrestling than McMahon, as shown by the changing of how women were taught to wrestle and the new style being implemented in NXT and getting over there well before it was brought to the main roster.”

It was noted recently that Triple H wanted to make a “creative splash” at SummerSlam, so we could get some insight into his vision in the coming days since it’s his first major show.

There was already a surprising change to the SummerSlam change earlier this week when WWE announced that the match between Seth Rollins and Riddle has been postponed due to a Riddle injury. It’s a storyline injury, so that match might take place at Clash at the Castle.

After the match was postponed, Rollins released a statement on social media about it, so Triple H replied to it and it could mean we see Rollins in action at SummerSlam against a new opponent.