WWE Hall Of Famer Reacts To Ric Flair Signing With AEW

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Ric Flair is All Elite and one of his former on-screen rivals has given his thoughts on what it means.

There was a big surprise on the October 25th edition of AEW Dynamite when Ric Flair was introduced as a special surprise for Sting, who announced his plans to retire from wrestling at AEW’s Revolution 2024 pay-per-view in March.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair signed a two-year deal with AEW that will also see the company heavily promote his Wooooo! Energy drink.

Eric Bischoff is a man who knows Flair well from their time working together in World Championship Wrestling, which also included a rivalry on screen as well. While speaking about Flair’s new AEW deal on his Strictly Business podcast, Bischoff made it clear he was happy for The Nature Boy.

“I’m happy for Ric. Professional wrestling is Ric Flair’s life. Ric Flair left Richard Fleir behind a long time ago, and I’m happy for Ric because Ric loves the business, he loves being around the business. It’s good for Ric, it’s really good for Ric. The Wooooo! Energy thing, that’s obviously a great opportunity for the people who are behind Wooooo! Energy to get it some national promotion and exposure. That’s a good thing.”

“It makes it easier for the distributors who are trying to sell that drink and get it into the retail outlets around the country. It’s a win for Ric personally, it’s a win for the people behind Wooooo! Energy, and let’s see what it means to AEW. Time will tell.”

Does Ric Flair Want To Wrestle In AEW?

At 74 years old, the 16-time World Champion is long past his wrestling prime, but Ric Flair would love to have a match in AEW while specifically mentioning the company’s current World Champion, MJF.

Flair had a much-publicized “last match” event in 2022.

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