WWE Had Plans To Make “The New Brock Lesnar”

wwe brock lesnar gable steveson

With Brock Lesnar only wrestling part-time in WWE, there were recent plans for the company to push a “new Brock Lesnar” in Gable Steveson according to the Wrestling Observer.

When Brock Lesnar signed with WWE in 2000, he was an NCAA Division 1 Championship heavyweight wrestler from the University of Minnesota. After learning how to be a pro wrestler at OVW along with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista, Lesnar would debut in WWE following WrestleMania 18 in 2002. A few months after that, Lesnar became the youngest WWE Champion ever by defeating The Rock in the main event of SummerSlam 2002 when Lesnar was just 25 years old.

A currently signed WWE superstar that has followed in Lesnar’s footsteps as an NCAA champion at the University of Minnesota is Gable Steveson. While Lesnar did a lot as an amateur, Steveson did something Lesnar never did by winning an Olympic Gold Medal in 2021. Lesnar never competed in the Olympic Games while WWE fans will know that Kurt Angle won Olympic gold since he mentioned it many times (with a “broken freakin’ neck” as well).

Steveson was drafted to the WWE Raw brand last October, but he has not wrestled on WWE television. Steveson did perform a slam on fellow Olympian Chad Gable at WrestleMania 38, but that’s it.

During an appearance on Sunday Night’s Main Event TSN Radio show, the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer claimed that WWE had big plans for Steveson:

“It was [that] he was gonna be the new Brock Lesnar and they were going to send coaches to Minnesota [and] get a place in Minneapolis and during the wrestling season, they were gonna have him also train as a pro wrestler, which probably wasn’t a good idea to do both at the same time.”

There have been recent reports that Steveson not competing in a WWE ring yet is a “very bad sign” while Triple H revealed that he might have wrestled Steveson at WrestleMania if Triple H didn’t have heart issues leading to his in-ring retirement.

It was one year ago in September 2021 when Meltzer was reporting that was already planning to do a Lesnar vs. Steveson match.

Steveson has been training in professional wrestling with former WWE Superstar Ken Kennedy in Minnesota. Steveson also could go for a second Olympic Gold Medal in 2024 as well. At 22 years of age, Steveson has a lot of time left to make it in WWE if he wants to do it.

h/t Sportskeeda