“I Wish I Could Get Away But I Can’t” – Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

According to a former WWE star, Vince McMahon once opened up to him about how he wished he could take a break from professional wrestling.

After being born in to the wrestling industry, Vince McMahon has been involved in some capacity since he first officially involved in the 1960’s. Whilst there have been outside interests, it is the company which he has been involved with in some capacity ever since.

During his career, Chris Jericho has never been afraid to take a step back from the industry when the time was right for him. Having spent an extended and extremely successful period in WWE working closely with Vince McMahon, ‘The Wizard’ now finds his home in AEW.

Speaking during a recent appearance on the True Geordie podcast, Jericho discussed how much he loved working for his former boss, and also revealed that McMahon once commented on how he’d like to step away for short periods of time like he did.

I loved working for Vince McMahon. I loved how Vince would challenge me and push me. And I also laugh when people say, ‘Oh, Vince has lost it,’ and oh, look at Vince, he’s a terrible Booker and all this other stuff. Maybe it’s not great sometimes, but you’re also dealing with a guy who’s been doing this for 40 years. Imagine doing this for 40 years.

I remember when I left in 2005, I said I need to get away. And he said to me, ‘I wish I could get away sometimes, but I can’t.’ Kind of wistfully for like three seconds, then he was back to Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon is currently one of the hot topics in the wrestling world, after allegations that he paid $12 million in “hush money” to former employees of WWE.

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