William Regal Recalls WCW Incident With Gun Pointed At His Head

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William Regal has shared a story about an officer pointing a gun at his head while he was working in WCW.

The character known as Lord Steven Regal debuted on World Championship Wrestling television in 1993 as an arrogant heel that claimed he was a descendant of William The Conqueror. Regal also had a man named Sir William as his manager/butler as well.

During his run in WCW, Regal won the TV Title four times while also forming the Blue Bloods team with Bobby Eaton and working with Dave Taylor as well.

While Regal was performing at WCW shoes, he often bragged about Britain while also criticizing the United States, which was obviously where most of WCW’s shows were taking place. During a recent episode of his Gentleman Villain podcast, Regal told the story that he was attempting to pull down an American flag when a police officer put a gun to his head at a WCW show in Jacksonville, Florida.

“As I looked to the left, I just felt a tap on my forehead. From the side of the stage, there was a Jacksonville police officer stood and as I turned my head, there was a gun in my forehead and he said, ‘I suggest you don’t do that sir’ and I went, ‘I think you’re right officer’ and I just walked off the other side and completely went out of character. I was just like, boom, with a gun pointed to my forehead.”

The wrestling veteran went on to explain that it was a scary incident that left him shaken:

“People think I’m a tough guy, and people have seen me do things at certain times and we can tell stories about that. I went down the stairs, found a quiet spot and I was shaking because I’ve seen a lot of things in my time but I’d never – Revolver stuck right in me head and a cocked Revolver.”

Regal’s WCW run ended in mid-1998 and then he would go onto WWE. While The Real Man’s Man gimmick failed miserably, Regal found his footing under the name William Regal, which is where he worked for over 20 years.

In the current pro wrestling scene, Regal is a mentor/coach to the Blackpool Combat Club group in AEW.

H/t to Cultaholic for the transcription.