William Regal On Current Champion He’d Want To Face If He Wrestled Today

William Regal

William Regal thinks he could make a star out of one of AEW’s champions if he could still wrestle.

Regal’s in-ring career lasted thirty years, from 1983 to November 2013. After retiring from in-ring competition, he shifted to playing an on-screen authority figure, a manager, and a mouthpiece. And a bevy of health issues and many struggles he has endured over the decades, few people would blame him for wanting to keep his wrestling boots off.

And yet, William Regal himself appears to be a fan of theoretical scenarios. On a recent episode of his Gentleman Villain podcast, Regal revealed that he’d make a star out of Orange Cassidy and he’d do so better than anyone else in AEW right now:

“As soon as I saw Rey Mysterio I was saying please put me on with him. No different than now, although not wrestling if I see Orange Cassidy please put me on with him. Because I’ll make him into a somebody better than [anyone], and if this offends people, great. That’s their problem.”

William Regal had the same thought about Rey Mysterio when the two of them wrestled for WCW, and he also thinks the same way about Matt Sydal, a.k.a. Evan Bourne. Regal’s confidence in making these smaller guys into stars comes from a skillset that he has obtained over the course of his career.

“I could make him into as good of a guy as anyone knowing the skill set that I know. And I’d be happy to wrestle him. Right. [We are talking about] Orange Cassidy but Rey Mysterio was the same. Soon as I saw him, I was like, perfect for me. Soon as I saw Evan Bourne or Matt Sydal, perfect for me. Please put me on with him.”

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