Update On WWE Holiday Plans For TV Shows

wwe smackdown christmas

The year 2022 is coming to an end soon and a new report has provided information on what WWE plans on doing during the holiday season.

While WWE prides itself on being a company that runs shows all year long without an offseason like major sports leagues, they also tape shows occasionally instead of always being live. In the case of the December holiday season when families are celebrating Christmas and other things, WWE plans on taping some shows.

A new report from PWInsider has provided some insight into what WWE plans on doing for two of their main shows: Smackdown on Fridays and NXT on Tuesdays.

Friday Night Smackdown will be live every week except December 23rd. The plan is for WWE to tape two episodes of Smackdown in Chicago on December 16th, which means the live show will air on the 16th and the taped show will be on the 23rd.

As for WWE NXT, they will have the usual live show on December 13th. On Wednesday, December 14th, they will tape the episodes that will air on Tuesday, December 20th and Tuesday, December 27th. The live episodes will continue on January 3rd, 2023.

For Monday Night Raw, the current plans are unknown based on the PWInsider report. Currently, the Raw brand is scheduled for a live event in Columbus on December 26th, but that is not being advertised as a live Raw broadcast. The Smackdown brand will be at Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 26th.

One of the possibilities noted for Raw is to tape the December 26th episode when they are in Des Moines, Iowa for the December 19th Raw. The issue with that is Raw is a three-hour show, so that would be an extremely long taping for the audience to sit through.