Trish Stratus Comments On Possible Dream Match With Sasha Banks

Trish Stratus and Sasha Banks face off

Trish Stratus has spoken on a potential dream bout between her and Sasha Banks, saying it could happen if the opportunity arises.

Back in 2018, Trish Stratus returned to a WWE ring at the Royal Rumble, the first time since April 2011. The Canadian Superstar entered the bout at number 30 and eliminated three opponents. However, the most talked-about moment was her confrontation with Sasha Banks, who eventually eliminated her.

The showdown opened the door to a dream match between the pair, and since then they have thrown jabs at each other on social media. While they teamed up on an episode of Raw before the end of that year, the much-hoped-for match between the pair never materialised.

Speaking to Shakiel Mahjouri of ET Canada, the former WWE Women’s Champion explained that there is undeniable energy between the pair, even comparing it to the first time she faced off with Lita.

“I’ve heard that I’m running from her, which is absolutely untrue,”

“At one point, she had done this promo saying that I wasn’t ready. I posted a photo of my six-pack and said, ‘I am ready, girl.’ These little moments. Her and I had, maybe, a five-minute moment in the 2018 Royal Rumble and, to this day, people say that’s the match they want to see.

“Sometimes you just have this energy that is palpable. It’s like when Lita and I first faced off. People felt that. When The Rock and [“Stone Cold” Steve] Austin faced off, they felt that. When Sasha and I faced off, I felt it too. It was a good moment. Will we follow up on it? If there is an opportunity, perhaps. Did I wish this was a SmackDown tour? Yes, I did.”

Sasha Banks is currently teaming with Naomi and the pair are set to challenge for the Women’s Tag Team Titles in a Fatal Four-way match at WrestleMania 38.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.