Tony Khan Compares AEW To Pepsi

Tony Khan AEW

AEW President Tony Khan has made a unique analogy for his company, comparing its position in the market to that of Pepsi!

As you would expect from any company owner, Tony Khan shows an unfaltering positive attitude towards his company and his efforts to push it forward – however, that seemingly includes acknowledging that he is the challenger brand.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the AEW head honcho has discussed how he sees his company as being in a similar position to Pepsi, and has also studied the marketing from Burger King to help get further ideas.

We’re the Pepsi of pro wrestling. Pepsi has their own identity and strong brand affinity, which is what we’re building, too. A challenger brand involves being straightforward, and we’ve tried to do that, too. I studied Burger King marketing, too. It’s really fascinating, and there have been plenty of ways to learn from their strategies.

Over recent months it has been tough at the top for Khan, having to deal with a raft of injuries as well as the fallout which came about after All Out.

Today has been a productive day in the camp of Tony Khan. As well as confirming that Chris Jericho has signed a contract extension with the company until 2025, he has also discussed his future plans for Ring Of Honor which include a vast schedule for 2023.