Tony Khan Teases “Great News” About ROH Weekly Show

tony khan ring of honor roh

A new Ring of Honor weekly television show could be coming soon based on recent comments from owner Tony Khan.

Tony Khan announced his purchase of Ring of Honor in March 2022. Ever since then, the ROH brand has been featured heavily on AEW’s weekly television shows Dynamite and Rampage.

Recently, Chris Jericho won the Ring of Honor World Title from Claudio Castagnoli. It was the first time Jericho challenged for the ROH World Title. Since then, there’s been a storylne with Jericho trying to desecrate the ROH name by beating former ROH World Champions.

By putting the ROH World Title on Jericho, it also raises the profile of the brand since Jericho is arguably AEW’s most well-known wrestler. Since there is no current weekly ROH TV or streaming show, the AEW/ROH Owner Khan is using AEW shows to feature the ROH brand.

Khan was interviewed by Sports Illustrated and teased some “great news” coming soon about ROH weekly shows.

“We’ll have great news soon about Ring of Honor weekly shows. The success of Death Before Dishonor on pay-per-view has ensured there will be more Ring of Honor pay-per-views.”

With regards to ROH pay-per-views, Khan added that he wants to have another ROH PPV.

“Our goal is to have one more great pay-per-view for Ring of Honor in 2022 and then follow that up with a weekly show in 2023.”

ROH has traditionally had a PPV called Final Battle in December, so that could be what Khan is alluding to.

Tonight’s October 18th edition of AEW Dynamite will feature four title matches including Jericho defending the ROH World Title against Dalton Castle.